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Weekly Wrap 23 October 2021


As mentioned in the monthly newsletter at the beginning of October, we are now in the Milk Moon and will be celebrating the festival of Beltane on the 31st. Beltane is the start of summer, and traditionally a time when people would get ‘handfasted’ (married). Handfastings are over 2,000 years old – and where the saying ‘tying the knot’ originates. As part of the ceremony, the couple’s hands would be tied together as a visual representation of the vows and the binding of the two lives.

Beltane was (and is) the perfect time of year to get wed – everyone is feeling the joy of warmer, longer days, fields are carpeted with flowers, and bountiful fresh harvests are coming in from gardens.

What a wonderful setting for the community to gather, light big bonfires, celebrate love and feast!

Flowers on the farmstead

“Love is to the heart what the summer is to the farmer’s year. It brings to harvest all the loveliest flowers of the soul” 
– Billy Graham

Left: Some of the gorgeous flowers blooming at the Mystic Cat Farmstead

Russell and I are very excited for this year’s Beltane – because this year we will be handfasting

Lots of different things this week! Some restocks and some brand new. Chrysoprase gallets are very exciting – quite a rare material to get hold of. We have limited stock of these guys. We have a gorgeous box of Amethyst Crystalline Agate Polished Geodes going up on the site at the moment – each one unique and just so stunning!

SHUNGITE is all restocked (and already selling fast). The cellphone / tablet stand is a new addition, and one of my favourites!

“Llewellyn” series books are always written brilliantly by excellent authors – power troves of note. We’ve just added a few more to the bookshop.

We also have two awesome new card decks this week! Both are very popular and have gorgeous artwork. I am quite drawn to the Isis deck, personally.

Chantel Asto Update website

This week marks the start of our inhouse astrologer, Chantel’s Astro Update for the Week! 

“As the sun exits Libra and moves into Scorpio on Sunday 24th, we see a significant shift in focus from one of “the other” to one of “self”. Libra ruling partnerships of all kinds and how we relate to others. While Scorpio asks us to delve a little deeper into our own depths for individuation. We have asked ourselves and discussed what others want, and now we begin to ask what we ourselves want and is that truly aligned with the “other”. This applies not only to personal relationships but the external world at large. 

Mars remains in Libra so expect more discussions, more weighing up of options, compromising and negotiating to happen before peaceful, harmonious action can be taken.

Balance remains a big theme over the next week through the transition over the threshold of others to self.”

Yasmin Boland has today’s moon message:

“Waning Gibbous 93% .49 Gemini. Today the sun moves into the sign of Scorpio, so all our Scorpio friends will soon have their birthday.

Calling all Caps Rising signs…your lucky Moon is on the horizon! 

Get ready for my live workshop on November 5th! and join me for a lucky and liberating experience!

Let’s make some Lucky New Wishing Moon wishes together:

That’s all from us today! We hope your weekend includes some scheduled “me time” in your sacred space to recharge and re-centre before the week ahead.

Love Shaz & the Mystic Cat team

P.S. The slightly blurry pic there is a photo of all of us at Stephan’s Birthday celebration last week 🙂
From left to right:
Stephan, Chantel, Shaz, Ginette, Russell


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