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Welcome to our Support Hub! Please have a quick look through the sections here to see if we have already answered your question.

You can jump to a relevant section by using the menu. For example, if you have a query about receiving your order, select “SHIPPING” and the page will jump down to the Shipping section for you to read common questions and answers.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can also chat to us via email, whatsapp or FB messenger by clicking on the Help Desk (question mark icon) on the bottom right of the screen and choosing your preferred way to chat.


We are an online shop, which means you can shop and place orders and make payment any time of day or night, any time of year.

However, your orders and/or any queries will only be responded to during our business hours.

Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 4pm. We do not work on weekends or public holidays.

We may also close over certain times of the year for a few days. If we are closed for these holidays we’ll post a notice on the website to let you know. Your orders and queries will be attended to as soon as possible once we are back.

We are an online-only shop. We do not have a physical shop for you to visit & browse. 

We are based in the Overberg region of the Western Cape, near the charming town of Swellendam.

Not paying for a retail space is one of the ways we manage to keep our prices so low! All our stock is online with pictures, prices and measurements. So you can browse from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you are from your phone!


You can read more about our area and its history HERE.

If you’re interested in our journey to living off grid in South Africa and the development of The Mystic Cat Farmstead, check out the eco blog HERE.

Waiting til payday? You can save your favourite items to your own personal wishlist. 

Register an account with us and when you visit again simply log in to see your list. (We won’t use your details to spam you, ever – or give them out.)

Add products to your wishlist by clicking the heart icon that appears when you hover over a product image.

Edit or view your wishlist by clicking on the heart next to the shopping cart in the menu header.

To order any or all of the products in your wishlist, go to the wishlist as above, and from there you can click to select which products you’d like to add to your cart.

Note that unfortunately placing an item in a wishlist does not reserve the product for you. The product remains available for anyone to purchase until we receive a confirmed order.

If you are unhappy with your purchase or it is damaged, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing or sending us a whatsapp on 060 507 1652.

We allow returns within 7 days of you receiving your parcel.

Please read our full Returns Policy HERE.

If you can’t find a specific item you are looking for, you are more than welcome to email us at and we will do our best to source it for you.

We currently do not offer wholesale, bulk or reseller discounts, we are a retail shop.

However, all registered customers do get offered ongoing discounts sent to their inbox 🙂

Click the “UPDATE PROFILE” link at the bottom of our emails.


Placing an order with us is easy. Just browse our online shop and when you find something you want, click on it and you will see a more detailed description. Click “Add to Shopping Cart” to add the product to your order.

You can also buy more than one of a product if there is sufficient stock by increasing the amount on the product page before clicking “Add to Shopping Cart”.

Continue browsing and adding products until you have finished adding everything that you want. You can now click on your cart and “Checkout”. This will take you through the process of entering your shipping details and making payment.

You can edit your cart at any time before checking out by clicking on “View Cart”. You can remove products you’ve added, or change the product quantities here.


If you have placed an order but haven’t paid for it yet, and you need to change it, contact us on or sending us a whatsapp on 060 507 1652 with the changes to be made and we will update your order accordingly and send you a new invoice for payment. Alternatively cancel your order and start again.


If you have already made payment, please contact us on or whatsapp us on 060 507 1652 as soon as possible and we will try to assist.


Orders that have already been packed and collected for shipping cannot be changed.

If you have placed an order but haven’t paid for it yet, you can cancel it by emailing us at or sending us a whatsapp on 060 507 1652. If you have registered with us, you can simply log into your account and cancel your order immediately from there.


If you have already paid for your order, please email us at or send us a whatsapp on 060 507 1652 as soon as you can! We will only be able to assist if your order has not yet shipped. Orders that have already been packed and collected for shipping cannot be cancelled.


If you would like to be refunded the full amount of your purchase: Please provide us with your banking details to effect payment into. Once the funds have cleared into our account (this can take up to 3 business days), we will action a refund into the bank account details provided by you within 2 business days.


If you would like to be credited / use the amount to place a new order either immediately or at a later date, let us know in the email and we will send you a voucher which you can apply during checkout at any time.

We currently do not offer wholesale, bulk or reseller discounts as our prices are already very low compared to industry standards. We are a retail shop.

How exciting! As soon as your order is placed, it comes through to us.

NB! Remember to send us your proof of payment if you do a direct bank transfer (if you pay via PayFast, you skip this step). Your order is not confirmed until we receive the proof of payment.

1. As soon as we receive confirmation of your payment (automatic for PayFast), your order is moved to processing and your items are reserved for you. Processing usually takes 2-3 business days.

2. Your order is then shipped off with The Courier Guy or dropped at Paxi/Pudo depending on your choice, and you’ll receive an email from us with your tracking number.

If you are in our area (Suurbraak & surrounds), and select “Collect”, we’ll be in touch when your order is ready to be collected.


We accept Instant EFT, credit cards, cheque cards and debit card payments. You can also use PAYFLEX to pay for your order in 4 split payments, interest free.

When you go through checkout, you can select which way you would prefer to pay.

Contact us if you would like to pay via PayPal (e.g. if you are overseas but want to send a parcel to a loved one in South Africa) or Bitcoin.

PayFlex is a South African based payment gateway who enables easy, secure and instant payment transfers between online buyers and sellers.

You are not charged a fee by PayFlex to use any of the payment options.

What’s different about PayFlex is that they also offer a buy now pay later option which is new for South Africa. Basically you can split your order total into four payments over 6 weeks, with no interest or fees.


PayFast is a South African based payment gateway who enables easy, secure and instant payment transfers between online buyers and sellers.

You are not charged a fee by PayFast to use any of the payment options.


PayFast utilizes PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider – the highest security level possible. You can read more about their security measures and fraud prevention HERE. You will need to activate your card for 3D secure with your bank, if you have not done so already – the above link provides information on this as well.


Payment options available include:

  • Instant EFT,
  • Credit cards,
  • Cheque cards 
  • Debit cards


If you would prefer to pay us via EFT, select this option during the checkout process. You will be provided with our banking details. You will then need to log into your bank account and make payment.

Note that Direct Bank Transfers/EFTs can take up to 3 business days to reflect. Most banks give you the option to “pay and clear now” (make same day payment), in which case this wait period doesn’t apply.

As soon as you’ve made payment, send the proof of payment to and we will then reserve your items.



  1. Until we receive your proof of payment, your items are not reserved.
  2. Only once your payment has cleared and is reflecting in our bank account will we begin processing your order. We’ll let you know as soon as processing begins!

Yes, you can do this if you prefer. Just select the Pay by EFT option (not the PayFast option) when you check out. You’ll receive an invoice with our banking details which you can take to your bank to do the deposit.



Please make sure to include the cash deposit fee (ask the teller for assistance if needed)we will only process orders when full payment is received.

  1. You should receive an email from us immediately confirming the order details. Following that will be a second email explaining what happens next.
  2. If you have not received either of these emails, please check your spam folder. Mark us as not spam & add us to your addresses so that you receive the rest of your order notifications in your inbox.
  3. Once we have received payment (or proof of payment in the case of an EFT), you will receive an email from us to let you know your order has been moved to processing.
  4. This means your items are now reserved, and your order has been added to the queue to get printed, packed, checked, wrapped and shipping paperwork completed. This process usually takes 2-3 business days.
  5. If there are any stock issues with your order, we will be in touch during this time to sort that out with you.
  6. Otherwise, you will next hear from us when your item ships.



We will send your parcel with The Courier Guy from our branch in Swellendam. Delivery costs R95.

Your order is delivered to your physical address (i.e. your house or office). You, or someone you trust, must be there to receive the parcel.

The Courier Guy sends an sms to your phone with a pin code on day of delivery, which you supply to them on arrival.

Remember that in order to deliver to you we will need your full physical address. The Courier Guy does not deliver to post box addresses. A full address must include:

  • Street number and street name
  • Unit number and building name if you live in an apartment or complex
  • Suburb (NB!)
  • City (Note: City and Province are two different things – looking at you Gauteng!)
  • Area code

Without these full details, your order will be very delayed as it won’t be sorted to the correct depo timeously.


We will send your parcel from our Paxi point (Pep Swellendam) to your selected Paxi point. Paxi costs R100. 

You will be notified by sms when you parcel arrives, and you can then go fetch it. You will need the code provided in the sms from Paxi.

Please let us know the name of the Pep store or other Paxi point closest to you that we must send to. Here is the list of Paxi points:


We will send your parcel from our Pudo ‘locker’ (The Courier Guy Swellendam) to your selected ‘locker’. Delivery costs R65.

You will be notified by sms when you parcel arrives, and you can then go fetch it. You will need the code provided in the sms from Pudo.

Please let us know the name of the Pudo ‘locker’ closest to you, that we must send you. You can see the list of Pudo points here:

Under our shipping options during checkout, you will see there is an “ADD TO MY BOX” option. 


This option DOES NOT SHIP your order.

Instead, your order gets placed in a box for you. You can place as many orders as you like, and continue to add to and build you box, for as long as you like.


Once you are ready to ship, place your last order and select the shipping option of your choice. We will then send everything in your box together.

If your order is R600 or more, we will courier your parcel to you for FREE!


  • Courier: R95
  • Pudo: R65
  • Paxi: R100


If the case of the Courier option, if your address is very outlying or otherwise not within the normal delivery operation of The Courier Guy and subject to a large surcharge, we will contact you with alternatives.

We ship parcels throughout South Africa. We do not ship internationally.


We pack each order as carefully as possible so as to ensure safe arrival at its new home.


We strive to be an eco-friendly business, and therefore we do not use traditional plastic packaging products like bubblewrap. Instead we make use of fully compostable packaging products, such as recycled shredded paper as cushioning, strong cardboard boxes, newsprint and paper tape.


After receiving payment, we process and pack your order. We usually ship orders within 2-3 business days of receiving payment. This can be affected by busy periods.


Once your order has been packed and shipped, we’ll let you know and provide you with a tracking number.


Please read our full Shipping Policy HERE.

Anywhere in South Africa!

We use The Courier Guy for our courier service. If you’ve received a courier delivery before from any courier, it generally means The Courier Guy will be able to deliver to you too.

HOWEVER, if you are very outlying (e.g. farm, rural area) or your address is not a usual delivery, there can be a big surcharge. If this is the case, we will contact you with options.

Alternatively, select a Paxi or Pudo point that you can get to, and we can send your parcel there for you to collect.

We can’t wait for you to receive your awesome new goodies!

From placing your order to receiving it usually takes less than 7 business days.


This can be affected by:

  • Which payment method you choose
  • Which shipping method you choose
  • Weekends, public holidays, riots & other issues
  • Whether you stay in an outlying area or close to main centres
  • How busy we are (i.e. how many orders are ahead of you in the queue).


As a general rule of thumb, processing takes 2-3 business days and then shipping takes 2-4 business days.


Payment methods:

If you paid by credit card, debit card or instant EFT: we should receive payment almost instantly.

If you pay by EFT manually: it can take 2-3 days for payment to clear into our account (longer if payment is done on a weekend or public holiday). Make sure you send us proof of payment immediately so that you can get into the processing queue.


Public Holidays / Weekends:

We are closed on these days. You can place your order and your items will be reserved (if we receive payment), but processing will only begin on the next business day. 

Most delivery service operators are also closed on weekends and public holidays.


Once your parcel has shipped, we will send you an email to let you know. 


The Courier Guy & Pudo:

Use the tracking number we send you in our email to track your parcel.

Visit The Courier Guy’s tracking page:



Use the tracking number sms’d to you by Paxi. Visit Paxi’s tracking page:

Once your order has been processed and shipped, we will email you to let you know and provide you with the tracking number.

Registered customers can also log into their account and look up their order status and tracking number on their account page. Account info can be found by clicking on the “My Account” tab in the top bar menu.

TIP: If you haven’t received an email within 4 business days please check your spam folder

Yes! If you are nearby, you are more than welcome to collect your order from us.

We are in Suurbraak, Oorkant Rivier, in the Western Cape.

Simply select the collect option during check out. Your order will not be ready to collect immediately – normal processing times still apply.

We will let you know once it is ready to collect.


Look right at the top of our website on any page and you will see the top bar. On the right hand side are our social links, My Account and Support Hub. Click on My Account. This will take you to the page where you can either log into your existing account or create an account with us.

You do not have to create an account with us to shop with us, you are more than welcome to check out as a guest.

Creating an account does give you some benefits however – once you’re logged in, you can save items to your wishlist that you can see again the next time you visit our website. You can also check the status of your current order/s, see all the details of your past orders, save and edit shipping addresses to speed up your check out experience, edit your account details and change your password.

No problem – just go to My Account and you’ll see “Lost your password?” underneath the login block. Click this link and you’ll be taken through the steps of resetting it. If your email address has changed since your last login or you aren’t able to finish changing your password for what ever reason, give us a shout and we’ll assist.


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