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Shop Newsletter November 2021


In this month’s news:

* Crystal of the Month: Zomba Crystals
* On the Bookshelf: Celtic Shamanism 
* Wheel of the Year: The Journey Moon
* Cosmic Movements: Pam Gregory talks about the upcoming month, while Yasmin Boland gives us a free moon type quiz

Yesterday was Beltaine, the traditional festival celebrating the beginning of Summer here in the Southern Hemisphere. Our friends in the Northern Hemisphere celebrated Samhain (and its modern commercial couterpart “Halloween”), marking the turn of Winter.

Those of you who read our weekly newsletters will know that we (Russell and Shaz) celebrated this Beltaine with our handfastening! We “tied the knot” the traditional way 🙂 It was an incredibly special and intimate day with a handful of friends from our community. 

“Oh, ’tis love, ’tis love that makes the world go round ” 
– Lewis Carroll

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This month is all about Zombas! “Zomba” is a trade name given to a range of minerals in various associations and complex formations. They come from Zomba mountain, associated to the Zomba Plateau in Malawi, hense the name.

Orthoclase is a primary matrix, with Smokey Quartz, Aegirine & Zircon being the most commonly occurring species. Smokey Quartz from the region ranges from light to dark gemmy, to Morion and pitch black. Aegerine inclusions are very common, whilst Riebeckite and Rutile inclusions are less often seen. Recent pockets have also shown green Chlorite inclusions or phantoms.

Every single box of Zombas tends to blow us away. High percentage of self healed, elestial, lightbrary, bridge etc formations. Fascinating, uniquely beautiful, and exceptionally powerful crystals. Wonderful collectors items, as each one has such unique character. 

See what other stunning crystal treasures we’ve added to the shop this month!

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Interested to learn more about Celtic traditions?

We also have a new traditional Celtic Lenormand deck available! 

The Celtic Lenormand Oracle Card Deck has 45 stunning cards illustrated by Will Worthington of the DruidCraft Tarot. In addition to the 36 usual Lenormand cards, there are extra cards for both gender balance and to extend the Pagan and Celtic theme. It has tree, animal and people cards for more nuanced readings.

A 187 page illustrated guidebook provides in-depth descriptions for each card, including:

  • Keywords,
  • Divinatory meanings,
  • Suggestions for spell use,
  • Timing,
  • Spiritual messages,
  • Dark and light aspects,
  • Affirmations
  • Interpretations based on the phases of the moon & Wheel of the Year.
Celtic Lenormand Oracle Card Deck

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Beltane, the Great Festival of Life, passed yesterday. The earth is at the height of fertility and it is a time for great merry-making (and baby-making). Summer begins and there is a great abundance and renewal of life. In the life of the Earth our Mother, plants send forth their pollen, animals mate or bring forth young, and, in the words of the poet, “young men’s fancies turn to thoughts of love”. 

Beltane is traditionally celebrated with a great feast and a huge bonfire, maypole dancing, flower crowns and hand fastenings.By the Celtic Calendar of Moons, we are now transitioning from the Mating Moon of Beltane to the Journey Moon, that will take us up to the Summer Solstice, Litha, in December.

The Journey Moon is a soft time of the year with long days and plenty food stores on the horizon. Traditionally it was a time that we made plans to travel to other communities and gatherings, making new trade alliances, meeting new people (and finding partners), and sharing knowledge and ideas with others. New pastures, new discoveries and new places are prevalent under the Journey Moon, with the theme being exploration. 

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What our Astrologers Have To Say:

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Pam Gregory

“Today Mars enters Scorpio, its sign of ancient rulership, and the intensity notches up again. We’re building towards the New Moon at 12°40′ Scorpio on the 4th, with the Sun and Moon tightly being opposed by Uranus at 12° 47′ Taurus. Therefore expect the unexpected and the unpredictable. Earthquakes of all kinds may occur at this time, Mount Etna is erupting violently again now as well as the volcano in La Palma, but Uranus is also linked to electromagentic energy and surges of solar storms, Coronal Mass Ejections and photonic plasma. All of this powerful cosmic energy is part not only of the breakdown of the old but of our upgrades physically even though the ride can be bumpy.” – Pam Gregory”

 Waning Crescent 15% / 0.53 Virgo

Yasmin says:

“How do you manifest? Via gratitude? Meditation? Something else? What kind of Moon manifestor are you? Take my free quiz and find out, under the Virgo Moon!”


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