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A spooky themed newsletter in honour of Samhain! Phantoms, Ghosts and More inside…

This weekend past was quite the magical one, what with a new moon, a solar eclipse and the Samhain festival on the Wheel of the Year. I hope that you had some time to set new goals and intentions! 

In This Edition:

CRYSTAL OF THE MONTH: Phantom Quartz (+ Bonus Spirit Quartz)
ON THE BOOKSHELF: Channeling & Mediumship
WHEEL OF THE YEAR: Samhain to Yule Period
INFO HUB: All About Auras
COSMIC MOVEMENTS: Actioning Your Intentions
, Mercury Retrograde & Pam’s Take

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Phantom Quartz crystals have a faint outline of another crystal within it’s point. It may be partial or complete, and often appears wispy and ghost-like. It isn’t the ghost of crystal past, but does tell a story of the crystal’s growth past.

Examples of Phantom Quartz Crystals
Examples of phantom Quartz crystals

What Makes A Phantom Crystal?

A classic phantom is the result of impurities settling over the Quartz during a growth phase. At some time during the formation of the crystal, it’s growth slowed or stopped. And during this pause, another mineral (often chlorite, kaolinite, goethite or hematite) settled on top of the crystal. It began to grow again, enveloping the mineral layer.

Another type of phantom is the result of a different colours or level of opacity during an earlier growth phase, which contrasts against the continued growth and creates the characteristic floating crystal within the crystal.

Metaphysical Properties of Phantom Crystals

Metaphysically, Phantom Quartz crystals have all the properties of their primary crystal, and where relevant, the mineral forming the phantom. In addition, these special crystals are believed to symbolize universal awareness. They can stimulate healing for the planet and help activate healing abilities in people. Phantoms can access the Akashic record, and assist you in connecting to your spiritual guides. They are believed to be especially attuned to healing hearing disorders, both physically and with opening up clairaudience. 

Bonus Crystal Feature: Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz, also called Cactus Quartz, is the name for a special formation of Quartz that has only been found in South Africa. Primary Quartz crystals are covered in a secondary drusy coating of small Quartz points that extend all the way up to the faces, leaving the tip of the original crystal point free. The secondary crystals point away (outwards) from the main crystal, unlike elestials or cascading crystals which flow up towards to tip or, less often, down to its base.

Spirit Quartz Metaphysical

Spirit Quartz carries the properties of the crystal (whether Amethyst, Clear, Milk, Golden, etc). In addition, this unique formation is believed to be supportive of those who give service to others, facilitating groups, providing insight into community or family discord, and strengthening group cohesiveness. It can facilitate transfer between beta and alpha brainwaves – perfect for meditation (and meditation groups). 

The covering radiates high-vibration energy while the core tightly focuses healing energy, making it an extremely beneficial healing stone. Spirit Quartz cleanses other stones and can transfer their energy in a healing layout. Wonderful for earth healing ceremonies and those in service anchoring the light web, Spirit Quartz vibration assists in stabilizing earth energy.

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Channeling & Mediumship

On Samhain it’s believed the veil between this world and the next is very thin, and you can communicate with those on the other side! It’s also a great time for divination. If you’re interested in channeling, mediumship, or divination, it’s a good time to explore!

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Samhain to Yule Period

Over the last weekend was Samhain, which for many pagans is the most important festival of the year! It’s when we celebrate the year past, as well as our loved ones and ancestors who have walked before us, and we welcome in a new year as the Wheel turns over at midnight.

If you subscribed to our monthly newsletters after 1 April, you will have just missed our April Newsletter which gives you a full rundown of what this festival is all about. You can catch it HERE: NEWSLETTER APRIL 2022

The next festival on the Wheel of the Year is Yule, which is on 21 June.

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All About Auras

I have two new articles on the blog to share with you on learning to see auras (and what they are).

How To See Auras Mystic Cat Blog


In this article, you can learn what an aura is, what it’s function is, and how to start seeing auras easily and quickly!

Aura Colours and Meanings


Once you’ve mastered the art of seeing the aura, you can begin developing your skill to see colours in the aura. Find out more about aura colours and their meanings here.

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After Intention Setting

The New Moon passed over the weekend, and the lunar energy is once again building. During the new moon, we set our intentions and goals that we want to manifest, like planting seeds in the dark soil.

Samhain is also an excellent time to set intentions and goals, as it is the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. Spending time plotting your course for the new Wheel is supported by the Samhain energy.

If you haven’t yet sat down to write out some intentions for either the lunar cycle or year, you can still do so in the next few days.

Now is the time, with your intentions set and your path ahead planned, to invoke the 5th Universal Law – of Inspired Action, recommends Yasmin Boland. You’ve put in the energy to get clarity on what you want, and you have released that to the Universe. Yasmin says that while the moon is in the waxing phase (from new to full), you should take actions to manifest those goals and changes.

Think about what can you start doing in the next few days, weeks, and months, to support your intentions and keep your eye on the prize?

Universal Law of Inspired Action

Mercury Retrograde

10 May – 3 June 2022

Mercury goes retrograde in 7 days time. If you have time sensitive projects, try get them wrapped up before this. MR tends to hit the brakes on progress.

But it doesn’t have to be all bad!

This Survival Guide by Simone Samuels can help you plan how to work WITH Mercury Retrograde energy, rather than against it.

Mercury Retrograde Survival Plan

Pam’s Take

Pam talks about the first half of May and the Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 15-16th. Find her video HERE>

And that’s it!

We hope your May is filled with fabulous moments x