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Shop Newsletter March 2022


This month’s shop newsletter is jam packed – we have SO much to share with you guys! 

Our March Month Of Intuition

We have dedicated this month to working on our INTUITION – learning to hear and to strengthen our inner voice, heart song, gut feel – the part of us that is connected to Source, to our spirit guides and to our guardians. Join us on the journey!  

“It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover.” ” –
Henri Poincare

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Crystal Of The Month:

Picasso Jasper

A Jasper is a Chalcedony that is opaque (meaning not translucent/see-through). 

Polychrome Jasper is a beautiful opaque Chalcedony with a complex colour mix of greys, blues, oranges, pinks and browns. It’s also known as Picasso Jasper, a name given for it’s often stunning ‘artworks’ of patterns across the material.

Polychrome Jasper is believe to have been originally found in 2006 close to the Ocean Jasper deposits of Madagascar. The material is graded according to the complexity of patterns and colours. We only select from the top 20% of Polychrome material.


Gently grounding and calming. Renews old friendships and mends old bridges that were thought lost. Supports during relationship transitions. Excellent meditation stone. Assists in clarity of thought and self evaluation/understanding. Perfect for assisting the creative ground their ideas in reality, to begin the creative process, or for moving through creative blocks. Known as the stone of endurance, it is said to build strength and stamina.

As part of our March Month of Intuition, this stone makes an excellent meditation aid to help you filter out your mind’s “background noise” and slowly tap into the true inner voice inside you.


As always, we have loaded tons of new exciting crystals to the shop during the month of Feb (remember you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter to get a weekly wrap).

New stock includes some incredibly rare SUGILITE specimens, a lovely pink Moonstone sphere, new batch of stunning Kundalini Citrine cascading clusters & points, Devil’s Dice specimens, RARE Mtorolite (Chrome Chalcedony) one side polished specimens with semi-crystalline botryoidal backs, some lovely blue Smithsonite towers, a brand NEW release of Lunar Rose Quartz, RARE Pyrope Garnet spheres and some epic clear Quartz in various forms, including big polished double terminated wands, and ethereal Celestial Quartz points.

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On The Bookshelf:

Strengthening Your Intuition

This month we are focusing on learning how to hear our intuition more clearly. We ALL have it – and with a little effort, you can start to develop your psychic abilities by tuning into it. Here are some books we currently have in stock on building your intuition:

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MOLDAVITE & SUGILITE Sterling Silver pendants!! One offs!

I have to show you guys these sterling silver crystal pendants that we uploaded this week. Truly one of a kind EXTRA RARE pieces. I am so excited for the people these “belong” to – I just know they are going to bring you so much joy. One of the Moldavite teardrops has JUST left with the courier on it’s way to it’s new home already! You will know if one is speaking to you (ha! intuition!)…

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Other New Things:

New card decks & incense brands

We have the original Rider-Waite tarot deck in stock again, as well as the Radiant Rider-Waite (which is the original RW with the deck colours reworked).

As you might know, the Rider-Waite (RW) tarot is the tarot deck that became the standard for all tarot decks – and has remained so for over 100 years! Almost every tarot deck is based on the RW system. If you are new to tarot it’s generally recommended that you start with an RW deck to learn from.


During Feb I was studying the symbolism of the Pentacle and Pentagram for an article I’ll be sharing soon(-ish) with you guys. 

While doing my research, Arthur RW popped up and I thought you might find it as interesting as I did to learn more about the man with such a powerful legacy! And isn’t it fitting for our Month of Intuition? Imagine how in tune he and Pamela Colman Smith (the artist) must have been with their inner voices to devise a system that has truly stood the test of time.

He was closely involved with the Isis-Urania Lodge of the Golden Dawn when he first met Pamela. She had been introduced there by none other than William Butler Yeats, the famous poet – who was also, it turns out, a student of the mysteries and occult practitioner.

“A rebel against the world of matter, Yeats learned that all material things correspond to concepts in the world of spirit, and that through the use of material object as magical symbols the specialist may summon disembodied powers” – Sharma, K.N. “William Butler Yeats as a Symbolist.” BachelorandMaster

Waite’s preferred term for the occult was ‘The Secret Tradition’ and, whilst he maintained a love of ritual (from his background in Catholic liturgy), he favoured the mystical over the magical side of spiritual and alchemical ritual. He preferred the idea of moving towards a profound connection with the Divine, over “trying to impress others through the strength of magical powers” (referring to performance magicians, the rise in seances etc. of the time).

I think this is particularly fitting for our Month of Intuition – since it is by learning to tune in to our ‘Higher Self’ – the part of ourselves that is connected to the Divine/Source/Creatrix that gives us the ability of ‘inner knowing’.

Finally, how I stumbled across him during my research on pentacles is because he devoted a lot of his life to translating old (even then!) Latin texts on magic, including the work of Eliphas Levi. Levi’s first published treatise on ritual magic was the famous “Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie” (Transcendental Magic) in 1854 – a major work and the basis of much magical theory today.

I hope you enjoyed this little (SIDE QUEST!) magical history peek!  

Ok where was I? Oh yes! Lovely new things in the shop! We have some awesome new tarot & oracle decks.

And we’ve expanded our incense range (again)! We now have just under 100 different incenses. I won’t lie, the office smells heavenly. I am loving the vibes. Quick highlights:

Tribal Soul is a range by the excellent Tulasi premium masala incense manufacturers, inspired by the tradition of smudging. It includes such cool blends, and they are so beautifully presented, that I now need a box of each one. Sweetgrass & Cedar! Palo Santo & Pignon Pine! White Sage & Lavender! LOVE. If you enjoy Nag Champa, Tulasi have made some very cool blends (try Nag Champa with Sandalwood, divine).

And for our Magickal Folk (ye witches, wizards, fae and fair), we also have the new ‘Wicca Ritual‘, which is a premium version of the hexagon incense and perfect for the altar. So March will ALSO be the month of amazing aromas ha!

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Wheel Of The Year:

Mabon, the Autumn Equinox

Summer is behind us, and March welcomes us to the turning of the wheel with crisp mornings and yellowing leaves. The Autumn Equinox, on 21 March, is traditionally celebrated as Mabon. On the equinox, night and day are again at equal length and in perfect equilibrium – dark and light, masculine and feminine, inner and outer, in balance.

This is the start of the ‘Dark half’ of the year, where the nights are longer than the days. In tribal and village days, our ancestors would all now be working together to bring everything useful under shelter for the winter. The healers of the village would be making sure to collect, dry and store their precious herbs and plants for the final time this season, to keep everyone well through the winter. And of course, a collective gathering and saving of seeds.

Mabon is around the time of the ‘second harvest’ – of the late ripening foods in the fields. The last pumpkins and squash to be picked that miraculously stayed hidden from all the pesky stingers and munchers, the last straggly tomatoes only just turning a blushing orange in the weakening sun, and especially the fruits and nuts, whose trees put all their goodness into the future before succumbing to the long sleep of winter. 

In the mythological cycle, the earth, the Goddess, is the radiant Harvest Queen. And the sun, the Father, again sacrifices His life for His children in the form of the fruit that nourishes and the seed that brings new life next season.

Harvest festivals, while jovial and celebratory, always offer a theme of reflection – of ‘reaping what you have sown’. It is a time to look back at what intentions you set, what seeds you nurtured, and what bore the fruit of your efforts both internally and out in the world during this turn of the wheel. This is especially true of Mabon, the final harvest, where you reflect back on the aspirations and goals you set at Imbolc and Ostara, and how they have manifested.

Mabon is thus a time of celebration, a time of reflection, and a moment of rest after the labours of harvest and the almost frantic growth and busy-ness of summer. We are now completing projects, and clearing out and letting go that which is no longer wanted or needed. We prepare with nature around us to descend into a quiet, dormant slumber, a time of peace, of long dark nights and restorative rest.

Mabon marks the end of the Wheel of the Year, which turns again to start a new year at Samhain.

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Info Hub:

Your Intuition Is Your Guide

March Month of Intuition! Join us on a journey to learn about and strengthen our inner voice. We’re kicking off with our first blog post today: 

Do you know what intuition is, and how it is your guide? Can you hear your inner voice clearly? And can you tell the difference between the voice of your heart, and the voice of your shadow self?… READ ON

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Cosmic Movements:

New Moon in Pisces & an Aries Equinox

Pam Gregory talks about the first half of March and the New Moon in Pisces on the 2nd.

Before I sign off – please can I ask you to message us if you have any technical difficulties on the website. We were SO happy with our new overhaul and then a pack of wild tech pixies crept in through the wires and started chomping on the code. I think it’s all sorted out, but let me know if anything goes awry or looks strange while you’re on. x

And that’s it! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our mammoth March newsletter! Happy FriYAY and have a fabulous weekend from all of us at the MC!

Love Shaz, Russell & the Mystic Cat team

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