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Shop Newsletter June 2022


The Mystic Cat shop’s monthly newsletter. This edition includes info on the month ahead, coping tips for crazy times and brand new crystal releases!

Hey beautiful souls,

Happy June! This is one of my favourite months of the year. It’s my Birthday, and Yule – and to celebrate, we usually have a fun sale! Definitely something to look forward to.

At the end of the month we will unfortunately have to put our courier shipping costs up, as The Courier Guy have increased their rate due to the escalating fuel price. As always, we’ll continue to offset the costs as much as possible to offer you affordable shipping.

As for this month’s newsletter, we have lots to share as always! By the way – I’d love to hear from you guys what crystals you’d like me to feature. Let me know if there’s a crystal you want to know more about 🙂

In This Edition:

NEW THINGS: New crystal releases, Elite Shungite necklaces and big singing bowls
WHEEL OF THE YEAR: All about Yule, the Winter Solstice
INFO HUB: 6 new articles, from how to play a singing bowl to making crystal infused water and more!
The Astro Twins give us an astrological rundown of what to expect in June. Pam goes into detail about the first half of the month, the Supermoon on the 14th, and shares a lovely breathwork technique to raise consciousness and find peace.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the onslaught of negative news, know that you are not alone.

Limit your news time – try to avoid getting sucked into the headlines.

Take one minute each day to picture the world surrounded by white light. Just focus on your breathing and hold the image in your mind for 60 seconds.

Call on the angels to help those in need of love and balance at this time, including world leaders and those taking up the warrior archetype.

Spend some time in nature whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed. Go to a plant nursery, a park, or anywhere that you can be around plants and earth.

Smudge and burn incense in your home or room to create a calming vibe. 

Wear or carry crystals associated with love, calm and upliftment. Think pinks and greens, pale blues, and whites, like Rose QuartzAmazoniteBlue CalciteCelestiteSelenite, and Magnesite. Use these crystals around your home and office too.

Use earthy crystals to help you feel grounded, ease anxiety and lessen frustration. JaspersTourmalineHematiteHematoid Quartz, and Smoky Quartz are all great go-tos.

New Crystals banner


Azurite is a deep “azure” blue copper carbonate hydroxide mineral. Thought to be first discovered in ancient Egypt. During the early 19th century, it became known as chessylite, after the type locality at Chessy-les-Mines near Lyon, France. It is not a common mineral, especially since it is relatively soft, and heat sensitive (don’t charge yours in the sun!).

Azurite is usually massive or nodular. In rare situations, Azurite is found as stalactitic and botryoidal growths. Well-formed monoclinic crystals are most rare. These most prized crystalline specimens usually originate in Namibia or Morocco.

It’s often found in combination with other copper related minerals: Azurite is best mates with Chrysocolla, Shattuckite, Plancheite and Malachite. They make incredible combination specimens with shades of blue, green and turquoise. All highly collectable minerals!


KEYWORDS: Enlightenment, Guidance, Intuition, Insight, Clairvoyance, Courage, Aura Balancing, Comforting, Decision Making, Kindness, Patience, Self Confidence and Self Worth, Worrying

Azurite resonates with both the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, helping us to express a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us (both seen and unseen). It is said to guide psychic and intuitive development, assisting in boosting our natural abilities.

It brings clear understanding and new perspectives, expanding the mind and raising consciousness. Long term blocks in communication can be released while memory is stimulated. 

A powerful healing stone, Azurite can help clear away stress, worry, grief and sadness, allowing light into emotions. It’s said to aid in letting go of fears and phobias by bringing the keys to understanding why they were there. 

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If you don’t subscribe to our weekly newsletters, you’ve missed out on all the amazing new stock we’ve been sharing this month! Here are the highlights:


* Brand new BLUE AMBER from Indonesia,
CUPRITE crystals on Stellar Beam Calcite (incredibly rare find),
* Gorgeous HEMATOID QUARTZ points and clusters (they look like high grade Orange River Quartz, but are from Zims!)
* A brand new find called ORCHID QUARTZ fresh on the market in extremely limited supply, from Madagascar. I’ve only managed to get my paws on 1 piece so far. Hoping to get more!
* Rare Silver Leaf Lepidolite in affordable ‘one side polished’ pieces
* More Orange Twist Calcite towers
Stellar Beam Calcite on Blue Lace Agate
* And Amethyst on Agate polished geodes

Shop newsletter june 2022 new crystals
From top left: Blue Amber, Orchid Quartz, Silver Leaf Lepidolite, Cuprite, Stellar Beam Calcite, Red Hematoid Quartz, Amethyst in Agate Geode, Orange Twist Calcite


Stunning new Shungite necklaces – these are of the highest grade Elite Noble Shungite. Very rare and special indeed!


We’ve got new singing bowls in this month, including some lovely big sizes. As before, we’ve included a short video clip for each bowl so you can hear its sound before buying. We love the quality of these bowls, solid and weighty with excellent resonance!

Wheel of the Year Newsletter banner


This month is Yule – one of my favourite festivals on the ancient Celtic calendar, the Wheel of the Year. For us in the Southern Hemisphere, it falls on 21 June, just 2 days before my Birthday.

Yule is the Midwinter Solstice, marking the shortest day and longest night of the year. On this day the sun “stops” (literal meaning of ‘solstice’) seeming to move northwards in the sky, and begins to journey back to us. We cross the half way point, as days begin to grow longer again.

In the mythological cycle, the Goddess, seen now in her form of Mother, gives birth to the Son (the solstice sun). 

Traditionally, evergreen wreaths, holly and mistletoe were hung, and pine trees decorated festively.

A Yule log would be burned on the hearth, a special feast marked the day, and gifts were exchanged.

Yule decorations


Sounds familiar? In the Northern Hemisphere, the midwinter solstice falls on 21 December. The elements of Yule were actually adopted to become ‘Christmastide’ in a fascinating, documented process that was called ‘Christianised Reformulation’.

It was a way for the then-new Christian church, struggling to convert the ‘heathens’, to include some of the more popular elements of pagan village festivals into the Christian faith, making it seem more familiar / appealing / inclusive. In Latin, they called this process ‘Interpretatio Christiana’ which translates roughly into ‘Christian re-interpretation’, ‘the adaptation of non-Christian elements of culture or historical facts to the worldview of Christianity’. 


Yule wreath on our gate

We celebrate Yule by making a wreath to hang on our gate. It’s such a fun activity, first collecting pinecones, moss and greenery in the forest, and then creating them.

This is a pic of our wreath hanging on our gate last year.

I also love making a big pot of creamy chai tea with lots of cinnamon to share with visiting friends and neighbours..

I’ll share a recipe on the blog later this month, if you’d like to try it! It’s easy to make and and tastes like a hug in a mug.

Chai Tea for Yule
Info Hub Newsletter banner

Lots of new articles on the blog to read this month! Some of our new posts are contributed by our new guest writer, Ms M. Myste.

Cosmic Movements banner

Looking at the month of June, we start off with some good news! We can bid a happy farewell to Mercury Retrograde on the 3rd. Although the experts say you can expect the effects to linger on for a few days or weeks, so continue to proceed with caution when it comes to legal matters, contracts, transport and the like.

Expansive Jupiter continues its transit through fiery Aries the whole month. On a personal level, work with this energy by leaning into trail blazing ventures and innovative ideas, while watching out for short tempers and aggressive blow ups. We’re unfortunately not going to get much relief from the chaotic happenings on the world stage. The Astro Twins say:

The Astro Twins

“Aries is the sign of the warrior and Jupiter amplifies whatever energy it touches. During the 1917 Jupiter in Aries cycle, the United States joined then-allied Britain, France, and Russia to fight World War I. The start of World War II happened in 1939, during this same transit.”

On 4 June, Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius. Saturn is all about structure, while Aquarius is about groups and society. The Astro Twins say:

“This could bring anything from tightened mask mandates to hardline stances in politics. Saturn retrograde will likely bring even deeper polarizing around key policy issues. This could be especially tough with powermonger Pluto already retrograde in Capricorn, the sign that rules government, from April 29 to October.”

14 June brings us a supermoon full moon in Sag. That means la luna will be at its closest point to the earth (called perigee), and will appear magnified in the sky.

“Sagittarius is already the supersizer sign, and with a supermoon here, we may be fired up to take our visionary ideas or spontaneous plans to maximum levels.”

On 21 June we welcome the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year, crossing us over winter’s half way mark.

“From a spiritual perspective, this is a powerful moment when the yang energy of the Sun combines with the yin energy of Cancer season, unleashing the divine feminine and masculine powers within us all.”

Finally we round the month off with a new moon in Cancer. So we can all curl up in bed at home and cry (just kidding).

“In homey and comfort-seeking Cancer, this month’s new moon invites us to gather with our inner circle for heartfelt connections.”

pam gregory newsletter banner

Pam’s Take

In this video, Pam talks about the first half of April, the Supermoon on the 14th, and shares a breathwork technique to help raise consciousness and find peace.

That’s A Wrap

That’s all from us this month! Thank you for your support, we appreciate you so much!

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