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Hi beautiful souls,

We are officially half way through 2022! What a year it’s been so far. This month, we have some big astrological happenings. On Tuesday, Neptune begins it’s annual retrograde, followed by a full Supermoon on Wednesday. Finally, there’s a rare triple conjunction at the end of the month about revolution and freedom.

This month’s featured crystal is one that for a long time was quite ‘overlooked’ for newer, ‘racier’ stones. But it has certainly stood the test of time, and continues to shine through. I’m talking about Agate! Find out more about this wonderful crystal, and why it’s a great stone to hold on to through the upcoming cosmic energies, in this month’s feature.

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In This Edition:

CRYSTAL FEATURE: Shashe River Agate
ON THE BOOKSHELF: Colour Healing
NEW THINGS: Beautiful new crystals, kits and pagan supplies added this month
WHEEL OF THE YEAR: Between Yule & Imbolc
COSMIC MOVEMENTS: Full Supermoon next Wednesday & Full Moon Ceremony ~ The Astro Twins tell us about Neptune in retrograde starting next week ~ Pam Gregory gives us a heart-felt overview

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This month’s crystal feature is inspired by Shashe River Agate, a highly collectable brightly coloured Agate coming from the Shashe River in Zimbabwe. 

What is Agate? Agate is a type of Chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline silica (meaning its crystals are too small to see). Chalcedony is typically composed of fine intergrowths of Quartz and Moganite. Agate is what we call Chalcedony when it forms in bands or layers of different colours.

The different colour bands or layers are produced as liquids of different compositions seep into cavities, forming layers of varied colour Chalcedony on top of each other, over geologically long time periods.  

Note: Some stones have been given the tradename ‘Agate’ which don’t have bands or layers (e.g. Moss Agate). These are not true Agates by definition.

Agate Metaphysical

Agate is all about layers and going deep. I love this stone for healing, because true healing needs us to sift down through the layers to find the root cause of dis-ease, and that’s what Agate excels at. Spiritually, Agate shines as a stone that can assist in multidimensional work. Its said that the layers of Agate can bring hidden information to light, making it a valuable meditation aid and exploratory stone. 

Agate is not a lightning quick solution by any means (look to Obsidian or other amorphous stones for speed), but it is extremely strong as it works in tune with Divine timing, steady and methodical. Gently soothing and calming, they make a brilliant stone for treating shock and trauma.

In general, Agates all have a wonderful stabilising and grounding energy that can harmonise yin and yang energy in the body and bring about balance. You can work with Agate to build self-confidence and self-acceptance as you open to strengthened perception and analytical (including self-analytical) abilities. 

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I work with colour a lot in healing, and I use the crystal colour groups system daily. Here are some cool new & second hand books we’ve got using colour in healing.

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If you don’t subscribe to our weekly newsletters, you might have missed some of the awesome new stock added to the shelves this month. Here are some of the highlights!


* NEW RELEASE! Runestone, a stunning peach-pink Feldspar in Snow Quartz. The Feldspar has formed in acicular needle-like sprays, creating areas that look like Runes scrawled across the Quartz. Unusual and awesome! Read about its metaphysical properties on the product page.
* Melt-my-heart massive cascading elestial Quartz crystal with subtle golden healer hues. It’s a real cathedral-like stunner.
* New lilac Spirit Quartz clusters
* New beautiful crystalline Baryte specimens
* NEW RELEASE! Iolite Water Sapphire, also known as the Viking’s Stone. We have some small and medium sized rough pieces of this cool material. Read more on the product page.
* A Grade Smoky Quartz polished crystal towers <3
* NEW RELEASE! Funky banded Zebra Calcite. Love it!
* Some lovely Prehnite on Calcite specimens from Namibia.
* And more!

New Kits

Our kits have been slowly getting revamped and re-launched with their new look. They are looking absolutely stunning. They now come in a box with an instructions insert. The crystals have each been hand chosen by me, and of course cleansed and charged with my special crystal infused botanical blends before being packaged.

Pagan Supplies

We have been adding to our growing Pagan Supplies section! New items in Altar & Sacred Space as well as Energy Work & Spell Supplies. Here’s a peek…

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Last month was Yule, the Winter Solstice. Now we are journeying towards Imbolc, the Festival of Lights, which will be celebrated on 1 August.

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On Wednesday next week we have a Full Supermoon. Read our ‘Full Moon Ceremony‘ article to find out how to work with the moon’s energy and design your own unique full moon ceremony. Use our easy to follow guide to power up your life with La Luna!


  • Releasing, cleansing, forgiveness and cord cutting work.
  • The full moon will also add extra potency to any kind of magickal workings done under it’s light

Crystals to work with on the full moon:

  • ROSE QUARTZ aids in purifying and opening the heart on all levels, bringing a deep inner healing and self love. Calming and reassuring.
  • SELENITE accesses angelic consciousness and higher guidance. Excellent for meditation or spiritual work. Very connected to the moon energy and the lunar Goddess.
  • MOONSTONE, like Selenite, is also very connected to the moon energy and the lunar Goddess. It can amp up the lunar energy flow. Calms overreactions to situations and emotional triggers (which can be very helpful with La Luna magnifying everything!!)
  • PICASSO JASPER is gently grounding and calming. Renews old friendships and mends old bridges that were thought lost. Supports during relationship transitions. Excellent meditation stone. Assists with clarity of thought and self understanding. Assists creatives to ground ideas into reality; to begin the creative process; or to break through blocks.

You can also employ the use of black Tourmaline or Hematite to protect you and keep you grounded during the heightened emotions and extra energy of a full moon.

I give more options and purposes in our Full Moon Ceremony article.


How to work with the moon’s energy and design your own unique full moon ceremony. Use our easy to follow guide to power up your life with La Luna!

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On Tuesday this week, Neptune entered its annual retrograde. Here’s the Astro Twins with some excellent advice on how to make the most of this astrological energy:


“This meditative five-month cycle can be a profound blessing, opening a window to heal core wounds, deal with addictions (from liquor to love to limiting beliefs) and tap into buried realms of creativity. 

Make sure to keep your psychic shield up, especially while in public. Like a sponge, you can absorb the mood of a room or get thrown off emotionally by a stranger’s vibes.

With fog-machine Neptune in the timeout chair, you can cut through illusions… IF you are willing to take an unflinching audit of your life. Use this period to explore the shadows. Awareness is the key to evolution! By owning up to unhealthy patterns, you can learn to break them.

And get plenty of rest, because the best ideas may arrive while you’re sleeping, meditating or just staring at the clouds.”

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Here is Pam Gregory talking about the Full Supermoon on Wednesday (13th), and the first half of July. PLUS a very important cosmic happening at the end of this month. Pour yourself a cuppa and give it a listen to boost your heart chakra <3

And that’s it for this month’s share! I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. Let me know if there’s anything special you’d like to hear about next month.

Love Shaz, Russell & the Mystic Cat team