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Shop Newsletter August 2022


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Hi beautiful souls,

I woke up a morning this week feeling a huge shift, after a few days of processing and grounding quite difficult energy around me. And while making my coffee, a message suddenly began pouring out of me so clearly that I literally scribbled it down on the first scrap piece of paper I could get my hands on.

Which turned out to be a piece of paper I’d already written on, but the words just flowed. 

I want to share them with you here, as I feel this message is for all of you, reading this now. Feel free to share if it resonates.


A Message For You

The Earth is waking up from her deep Winter slumber, and all around us we can see signs of fresh greens and flowers as spring prepares to leap out at us. The days are growing warmer and longer, and the birds are looking colourful here on the farmstead as the boys put on their annual mating plumage to impress the ladies. It sounds like a bird disco out here in the early mornings and evenings with all the dancing displays and frollicking going on! It is just a gorgeous, magical time of year. 

And it’s more apparent than ever before that we humans are waking up, too, and taking on the light. Birthing a new way of being on our mothership of blue and brown, hurtling through starry space. It’s both humbling and awe inspiring to keep the big picture in mind.

When you are feeling overwhelmed and at a loss, as so many of us do at times nowadays, take some deep breaths and picture yourself as one light in a massive, global web of lights encircling the whole of our Earth. And picture too, more pinpoints of light switching on and connecting to this web of light every minute, every second.

When you are feeling overwhelmed and at a loss, as so many of us do at times nowadays, take some deep breaths and picture yourself as one light in a massive, global web of lights encircling the whole of our Earth. And picture too, more pinpoints of light switching on and connecting to this web of light every minute, every second.

Together we can shift from the fear, chaos, anger and separation rhetoric to one of joy, compassion and love. Birthing is incredibly painful and tiring…and transformative…and boy, has this been a long labour! But remember that all of us encarnated today, here and now, have chosen to come be part of this momentous occassion. Lifting a species’ vibration. Choosing a new path for humanity based on love and spiritual enlightenment, aware of our intrinsic connection and interwovenness with Earth and all living beings. One home. One family.

Raising consciousness is intrinsically tied to raising compassion. Experiencing Divine love and true joy. Being an empath – as so many of us are – is not just about having to protect yourself from absorbing other people’s bad vibes. It’s about experiencing and thus deeply understanding their core wounds, their motivations for acting out without care for others. So that we can hold space for them. So that we can love them in their pain. So doing, we can hold the door open for them. 

The more spiritually aware we become, the more we open to the feeling of connection to Earth and all living beings, the more our hearts soften and expand. And we begin to see that we are all part of the Divine, we all have the Divine spark of Light within us. And we all deserve love and compassion. And so, in this state of growing awareness and connectedness we begin to feel more and more the pull towards kindness to others, and walking gentler upon the Earth.

We cannot shine a torch in people’s faces and hope to shake them awake. We can only hold space, live in our authentic truth, and share compassion with them. Fear and anger beget more fear and anger. As long as we are repeating the evils (even when we think we are sharing important truth about those evils), we are staying tuned to that world. Expunge this from your circle of light. Move past the rhetoric. Be the example on the other side, stepping into peace and joy and harmony. Let go of the dramas on the world stage and know that you are far, FAR more powerful as an agent of change, waysetter, truth bringer, simply by allowing yourself to be in the energy of this new world that we as lightworkers are collectively visualising and bringing in.

I wish you love, I wish you times of rest to restore your energy, I wish you strength. 


In This Edition:

CRYSTAL FEATURE: Chiredzi Quartz
NEW THINGS: Sacred space and altar items
WHEEL OF THE YEAR: Imbolc to Ostara
COSMIC MOVEMENTS: New Moon ~ Astro Twins ~ Pam Gregory

New Crystals banner


You’d be forgiven for thinking these are Brandberg crystals. Chiredzi Quartz looks strikingly similar to one of the world’s most famous, sought after and collected Quartz in the world. And I think they are going to grow in value in the same way.

Discovered quite recently in about 2017, Chiredzi Quartz is named after the town it was found in. Common physical features found with these crystals:

  • Dark Amethyst and/or Smoky hues.
  • Hematite specular or needle like inclusions are often seen.
  • Skeletal / windows, double terminateds, and sceptre formations.

So far, the main difference between Chiredzis and Brandbergs (apart from location) is that Chiredzi Quartz hasn’t yet been found as large specimens. Good quality crystals all tend to be on the smaller size. They also often feature a lot more new crystals growing on older, more worn crystals.


Chiredzi crystals have the inherent properties of Quartz, as well as Amethyst and Smoky Quartz if these are present. Hematite inclusions add this mineral’s magic to the mix. 

Chiredzis are crystals that have come forth now, to work with us in this very unique time of humanity’s evolution. They are highly spiritual stones with pure, high vibrational energy. Chiredzis are wonderful to work with in sacred space, meditation and all kinds of psychic work.

They are attuned to the Higher Realms and can assist with connecting you to your Higher Self and guides to shift your life into its Higher Purpose. They carry the Master healer vibration of Quartz. Chiredzi crystals are also said to help with untangling soul mate timelines.

New Stock In The Shop

Some highlights of new crystal stock added this month:

  • A restock of our clear Quartz crystals, with some stunning large points available.
  • New Amethyst Spirit Quartz clusters, including some gorgeous XL display pieces.
  • Tourmalinated Quartz one side polished pieces, featuring awesome blue-black Tourmaline rods in a white Quartz matrix.
  • Blue Apatite polished big hearts.
  • Honey Calcite tumbled stones.
  • New rough pieces – Dalmation stone, Rainbow Obsidian and gorgeous Moonstone.
  • Beautiful gemmy green Fluorite mini standing freeforms, some with whisps of blue and purple.
Mystic Cat Newsletter Other New Items banner


This month we’ve brought in a range of new items for your sacred space and altar.


  • The Hamsa hand is an ancient protection talisman which appears in cultures and religions across thousands of years.
  • The Evil Eye is a talisman of good luck, reflecting away harm, curses and envy. The history of the evil eye dates back to ancient Mesopotamia, and appears in cultures and places across the world over thousands of years.
  • ‘Om’, ‘Ohm’ or ‘Aum’ is a sacred sound that is known generally as ‘the sound of the universe’. Om is all encompassing, the essence of ultimate reality, and unifies everything in the universe. It is uttered at the beginning and end of Hindu prayers, chants, and meditation and is also freely used in Buddhist and Jain ritual.
  • In feng shui, bells are used to remove negative energy to bring harmony, peace, energy, happiness and prosperity to the home. In some cultures, bells are believed to bring faeries. Bells also represent joy and freedom.
Wheel of the Year Newsletter banner


At the beginning of August we celebrated Imbolc, the festival of lights. Imbolc is a time of spring cleaning house and hearth, and spiritually cleansing and clearing to prepare for the new cycle. We light candles to encourage the Sun to bring on the approaching Spring. Thus the Festival is also referred to as Candlemas.

At the end of September, we move into colourful Ostara, celebrating the official Spring equinox. The name Ostara comes from the Germanic word “Ost” which means “East”, relating to dawn & the renewal of life. Both Ostara and Eostre are Germanic names of the Maiden Goddess as Lady of the Dawn. 

The light half of the year begins, and the days are longer than the nights. Flowers, eggs and baby animals all represent the theme of new life, and were used for traditional decorations. The Rabbit, the ancient symbol of the Moon, represents the Earth’s renewed fertility.

Ostara celebration of spring and new life
Cosmic Movements banner


It’s a new moon tomorrow in Virgo. New moon energy is the time for planting the seeds of what you want to manifest in the upcoming lunar cycle. So spend some time thinking about and realigning with your current goals and direction!

You can call on Moonstone, Labradorite, Rainbow Obsidian and Lapis Lazuli as crystal allies for this.

Crystals for the new moon r

Let’s have a look at what our astrologers have to say about the month ahead:

The Astro Twins

Astro Twins logo crop


“Time to tidy up! Every August 22 to September 22, the Sun moves through this orderly zodiac sign. During Virgo season, we are called to streamline and systematize the chaotic areas of life.” – We are REALLY feeling this at the Mystic Cat, I have pulled apart half the stock room reorganizing haha!


“On August 20, 2022, Mars enters dualistic, fast-talking Gemini for a seven-month circuit, until March 25, 2023. Mars also goes retrograde from October 30 to January 12, 2023. Forget about deciphering fact from fiction in 2022’s final quarter! The multi-ringed media circus will make heads spin with more fake news, conspiracy theories and righteous anger into 2023.”  – Beware of getting caught up in gossip, or spreading attention seeking posts/memes/videos that are more about shock factor than actual truth. Bottom line? Take a media (and social media) break and go spend some time in nature instead!


“Mercury retrograde begins in Libra on September 9. It moves into Virgo on September 23. The full retrograde ends on October 2 when the messenger planet corrects course and begins its direct transit through Virgo. This retrograde tightens up regulations around social interactions and our messaging. Relationships could hit a series of speed bumps. Knowledge is power—and on an emotional level, the path to feeling safe and secure! Even the best relationships could drift into choppy waters. Patience will be required to keep things on an even keel. Exes will be especially prone to reminiscing—consider yourself warned!”

See Pam Gregory’s video HERE for her take on the New Moon and upcoming astrological energies.

Russ and I were interviewed recently by Body & Mind, the video was released today if you’d like to see us talking about the shop and the farmstead:

And that’s it for this month’s jam packed newsletter! We hope you’ve enjoyed the read. Wishing you a safe and gentle month ahead.

Love Shaz, Russell & the Mystic Cat team