A cluster is a group of crystals that are physically attached to each other on a matrix (sharing a common base) or floating free. The crystals can be single or double terminated or combinations of both. There may be hundreds of points, or only two, but they live together in an evolved community of peace and harmony. They serve to bring the “group” energy of the associated crystal to the surroundings, enhancing harmony and peace in groups, in the family, and in other social and/or business environments. The energy generated is directly proportional to the number of crystals in the cluster. The auric light that surrounds a Quartz cluster is very bright and strong, and will bathe an entire area or room in radiance. They can also be used to activate and to cleanse other minerals, enhancing and increasing their energy. They can be placed in areas to purify the environment of negative energies and feelings, and to foster protection, cooperation, purification, harmony, friendship and intimacy. This crystal formation can also be referred to as a plate or burr.

Gallets (pronounced Gallay) are individually selected A Grade raw crystals shaped and polished by hand. They are made in all sizes of freeforms, and sometimes a flat base is cut to allow the freeform to stand. These crystals gently radiate energy in all directions, and are wonderful ‘hand comforters’ during stressful times.

A Geode is a cluster formation surrounded by rock, forming a hollow in the middle – like a miniature Crystal cave. Usually a round hollow created by gas bubbles in magmatic rock or spaces where organic material has been removed in sedimentary material. The nodules are lined with crystals, usually Quartz or Calcite. Amethyst is commonly seen in geode form. These Crystals can hold and amplify energy within themselves, diffusing the energy softly. Geodes are wonderful for protection, spiritual growth, breaking addictions and overindulgent personalities.

In ancient times, fossils were believed to be stony casts of seed decedents that grew on Earth from the realms of the stars. This gift from the stars was used to enhance telepathic communication between this present reality and the prior worlds. Heightens and supplements your accomplishments in the business realm and instils quality and excellence within your environment. Helps you to dispense with old programming and schedules, and to be open, receptive and perceptive of the fresh innovative forces available.

Crystals shaped into a heart represent love, our heart and connection to our heart Chakra. Crystal Hearts can be placed over the heart chakra during healing work. Hearts can help you attract love and are wonderful for new relationships. Hearts bring loving energy and balance into existing relationships. They heal emotional wounds and heartache. Small hearts can be carried with you, while larger hearts placed around the home or used in crystal grids.

A Crystal may be one point (a single termination) or have a point at either end (a double termination). In healing, aiming the point away from yourself draws off negative energy, and pointing towards you channels energy into the body. A double termination radiates and absorbs energy at both ends at the same time. This is a stone of balance, integrating spirit and matter and creating a bridge between two energy points. These Crystals are great at absorbing negative energy and breaking old patterns like overcoming addictions. Placed on the third eye chakra they help activate our natural telepathy.

These are crystals that have not been cut, shaped or polished. They include crystals that are in their natural formation (for example a cube of Pyrite or a blade or Kyanite) as well as small chunks or pieces of crystals that have formed in large veins.

Crystal spheres are crystals that have been polished into a ball shape. Their rounded shape allows energy to radiate in all directions equally. They can be used as a window into the past and future as they move energy through time – this process is called ‘scrying’

This is the most common polished shape of crystals available. Tumbled stones are made with small chunks or chips of crystal, polished in bulk with a machine to make them smooth and shiny. Tumbled stones are all-purpose and like gallets, radiate energy gently in all directions. You can place them directly on the body for healing and are perfect for use in grids. Tumbled stones are also easy to carry with you. In this form, they tend to be less fragile than their natural state.