Wulfenite Crystal Specimen 4cm

Awesome cluster of Wulfenite crystals. Wulfenite crystal specimens are highly collectable. Good to A Grade. Tsumeb, Namibia. Size approx 4cm x 3cm. Weight approx 40g.


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Physical Healing Keywords

Uterus, Childbirth, Miscarriage, Rejuvination, Stimulates Metabolism, Sexual Function

Metaphysical Keywords

Growth, Insight, Inspiration, Manifestation, Meditation, Creativity, Earth Healing, Personal Power, Past Lives, Soul Contracts, Esoteric Knowledge, Sexuality, Alchemy


Wulfenite can be used to assist in settling and realigning areas of disturbed Earth energy as it attunes with the resonance of Earth’s core vibration. It initiates energy flow through the first three chakras, activating and linking the solar plexus and sacral chakras together. This connection activates one’s personal will and power to manifest one’s dreams. Excellent for creatives, Wulfenite fills spaces with creative energy, removing blockages and stimulating the flow of creativity and the manifestation of ideas. A powerful past-life healing tool, it facilitates recognition of soul links you have made agreements with to meet in present life. Wulfenite assists one in recognising soul contracts, facilitating the bonding of the two souls during the contract and enabling release once the assigned lesson has been learned. It also assists in accepting the less positive aspects of life, bolstering against feelings of despondency in difficult or emotional situations. Wulfenite facilitates transformation and ability to move from physical level to intuitive, spiritual levels. It supports and enhances white magic, ritual work, and journeying. Wulfenite can assist in regaining esoteric knowledge that was held in previous lives.

Wulfenite contains lead, please handle with care and do not ingest


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Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Colour Group

Red & Orange Crystals

Crystal System



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