Tiger's Eye, Varigated Double Terminated 12cm

Varigated Tiger’s Eye Double Terminated Point

Varigated Gold and Blue Tiger’s Eye to Tiger Iron (some Hematite inclusions). Polished double terminated point with complex patterning. Very powerful energy, yang force! Very Good to A Grade. Size approx 12.5cm. Weight approx 208g.

Tiger’s Eye is a pseudomorph of compact Chalcedony Quartz after the fibrous mineral Crocidolite. It is formed when the Quartz takes over and dissolves the Crocidolite, leaving the Quartz in a finely fibrous and chatoyant form. When it is cut, broken or polished with its fibrous structure parallel to the bottom of the stone, a ‘chatoyance’ or cats-eye effect is visible when the stone is turned in the light.


Physical Healing Keywords:

  • Respiratory System, Asthma;
  • Nervous System, Eyes, Brain, Mental Illness;
  • Skeletal System, Spine, Bones;
  • Endocrine System, Fatigue;
  • Digestive System, Gallbladder, Hepatitis;
  • Circulatory System, Hemophilia;
  • Immune System, Mononucleosis;
  • Reproductive System

Metaphysical Keywords:

Balance, Discernment, Vitality, Practicality, Fairness, Calming, Happiness, Stability, Strength, Depression, Grounding, Protection, Universal Love, Truth, Aura Cleansing

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a protective stone that combines earth energy with sun energy to create a grounded high vibration. It can show the correct use of power and bring out integrity. A wonderful aid in accomplishing goals, recognising inner resources and promoting clarity of intention. Tiger’s Eye is helpful for those who space out or battle with committing. Useful for recognising your own and others’ needs. Aids in collecting scattered information to make a whole. It helps resolve dilemmas and internal conflicts. Supports healing of personality disorders, issues of self-worth and blocked creativity and expression. Tiger’s Eye may assist in helping differentiate between wishful thinking about what you want vs what you really need. It can help you see your own talents and abilities, as well as your faults to overcome. Supports addictive personalities in making a change. Can aid in lifting depression and dark moods.

Additional information


Capricorn, Leo


Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra

Crystal System

Hexagonal – Trigonal

Other Names

Falcon's Eye, Hawk's Eye, Tigereye


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