The Shaman & Energy Worker Crystal Kit

The Shaman’s Crystal Kit comprises of a selection of 6 carefully chosen stones to assist you, as a shaman / energy worker / healer, on your spiritual journey. These crystals can be used in ceremony, during energy work, meditation, simply placed in your sacred space, next to your bed, or carried with you. Now in a natural, eco friendly jute drawstring bag. See full description below.


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Celestite is a Teacher for the New Age. Imbued with divine energies, Celestite teaches you to trust in the infinite wisdom of the divine, and can assist you in contacting the angelic realm and higher beings. It is a very useful stone for journeying and dream recall. Celestite heals the aura, bringing balance. A stone of enormous inner peace, it has a gentle strength that assists with conflict resolution and revealing the truth of matters. Celestite is an excellent shamanic cleanser. It enhances psychic abilities, meditation, prayer, precognition and visualization.


Galena acts as a powerful mirror, reflecting light into the deepest, darkest regions of our shadow self. It encourages temperance, tolerance and peace as we learn to embrace the aspects of ourselves we have long feared. It provides strong grounding and helps in centering our energies in order to overcome our self limiting beliefs. Galena is a powerful shamanic soul retriever, and helps with past life recall and alchemical transformation.


Aegerine stimulates understanding of enlightenment, karmic balance and spiritual commitment. A transformation stone, it aids in prompting the evolution of negative emotions (shame, blame, guilt, worthlessness) into healthy, constructive thinking. In shamanic practice, Aegerine is a useful tool for clearing, protection, energy and confidence.

Picture Jasper

Also known as Kalahari Stone, Picture Jasper is said to be a letter from Earth Mother to her children. Messages from the past are contained within its pictures and patterns for those who can read them. Jasper strengthens dream recall while bringing a protective, grounding energy that is supremely nurturing. Picture Jasper can be used in ceremony as a powerful connection to Earth Mother and her energy and wisdom.


Hypersthene is a powerful stone for use in shamanic work and is known as the Shaman’s Stone. It can assist with self awareness and healing while fortifying your inner strength and confidence. Hypersthene boosts your intuition and is an excellent aid in vision quests. It also provides you with protection and grounding.

Included Quartz

Included Quartz is Clear Quartz Crystal with inclusions which can include Hematite, Feldspar, Chlorite and many other minerals that are green, cream, red, orange, and other colors. It represents inner worlds and energetic dimensions. Included Quartz is a powerful stone for shamanic healing, spiritual awakening and spiritual guidance. It can assist you in connecting to and communicating with your higher self, spirit guides and higher realms. It can connect to the angelic realm. It is a useful stone in earth healing ceremonies, amplifying energies and uniting purpose.


Tektite forms a link between creative energy and matter. It is an excellent stone for astral projection and travelling. Tektite can enhance your psychic abilities, assisting with lucid dreaming, past life recall, meditation and telepathy. Used in healing it will take you deep into the heart of the matter, promoting insight into the cause and necessary action. Tektite balances energy flow and the yin/yang energy within the body, and heals the chakras. It is believed to be useful in contacting other worldly beings.

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