The Psychic’s Crystal Kit

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This kit is a powerful selection of crystals for psychic work and channeling. You can use them by placing them around you or holding one in your hand during a session, or simply keeping them in your sacred space for use during meditation and sessions. Place them next to your bed for dream work.


Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is one of the few stones that never needs cleansing, so it can be programmed to cleanse your other crystals. Blue Kyanite opens the throat chakra, boosting expression and speaking truth. It cuts through ignorance and confusion, dispelling illusion and frustration. It strengthens the voice and is a great stone for public speakers. Kyanite is an excellent meditation tool, assisting with guidance, strengthening psychic ability, and communicating with guides.


Labradorite is a highly mystical and protective stone, a Bringer of Light. It delflects unwanted energies and prevents energy leakage, protecting from psychic attack. Labradorite stimulates your intuition and psychic gifts, including the art of ‘right timing’, bringing messages to the surface and facilitating their understanding. It strengthens your faith in yourself and trust in the universe. Labradorite can assist with aura cleansing, clearing and protection. Opening the third eye chakra, it enhances and stimulates dreams, mediumship, telepathy and communicating with the higher self, Spirit and Consciousness.


Angelite is a powerful stone for communication and connection to the angelic realm, totem animals and spirit guides. It can assist with accessing the Akashic records. Offering support and strength, Angelite teaches acceptance of all life has brought, enhancing understanding and aiding expression. It is an excellent astral projection and travelling aid, boosting telepathy and visualization while clearing distractions from the mind. It strengthens clairsentience and is useful in attunements.


Selenite is excellent for meditation and spiritual work, enabling access to angelic consciousness and higher guidance. It enhances psychic abilities and can be used for working on the auric and energetic field. A supreme gridding stone, Selenite creates a protective, safe and peaceful energy while repelling unwanted outside energies from your space. It brings about conscious understanding of what is happening at a subconscious level.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli stimulates enlightenment and enhances dream work. Possessing enormous serenity, it quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. Lapis Lazuli is highly protective, recognizing psychic attacks, blocking them, and returning the energy to its source. It assists with contacting your guides. Lapis Lazuli harmonizes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, the harmony bringing deep inner awareness.


Apophyllite is known as the Stone of Truth and provides a conscious connection between the spiritual and physical. It enhances clear sight, stimulating intuition and connecting to the Akashic record. It is an excellent stone for scrying. Apophyllite is a powerful energy transmitter and enables interdimensional awareness. It promotes introspection, correcting imbalances and perceived flaws while assisting you in overcoming anxiety, worries and fears.

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  1. Alne

    I bought this for a friend and she absolutely loves it

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