Spirit Quartz, Amethyst Mini Points 2-4cm

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Amethyst spirit quartz is seen as one of the top classic types of Quartz, however it represents only 1% of the deposits mined, as the bulk found is white with subtle variations. This deposit produces amethyst material ranging from pale lilac to a darker tone of purple. Very good to A Grade. Barberton, South Africa. Size approx 2-4cm. Weight approx 10-20g.


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Physical Healing Keywords

Coping with Grief, Trauma

Emotional & Spiritual Keywords

Communication and Connecting with Higher Self. Connecting with the Devic Kingdom. Spiritual guidance.

Spirit Quartz

In addition to the generic properties of Quartz: Carries universal love. The covering radiates high-vibration energy while the core tightly focuses healing energy. Facilitates smooth transfer between beta and alpha brainwaves. Useful for those who give service to others, it facilitates groups and provides insights into community or family discord. Cleanses other stones and transfers their energy in a healing layout, or stabilizes earth energy.

Additional information


Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra


Crown Chakra, Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Colour Group

Purple, Lavender & Violet Crystals

Crystal System


Other Names

Cactus Quartz, Faery Crystal, Fairy Quartz, Spirit Crystal

10 reviews for Spirit Quartz, Amethyst Mini Points 2-4cm

  1. Riaz Aniff

    This crystal sparkled so beautifully!

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    Looks the way it does in the picture as well, beautiful!

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  7. Marianna

    I am happy beautiful amethyst mini stones. Thank you

  8. Anke L.

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