Smudge Feather Fan With Selenite & Tree of Life

Smudge Feather Fan With Selenite & Tree of Life

Beautiful handcrafted smuding feather fan with Selenite crystal and a silver metal tree of life charm. The main feather is a genuine imported 25-30cm traditional turkey feather. The feathers are bound in leather and string. One of a kind.

One of the traditional elements of the smudging ceremony is the smudging feather or smudging fan, which is used to waft the cleansing smoke. In traditional shamanic spirituality, birds are seen to be close to the Divine, messengers that soar the skies. The feathers move energies from the auric body through the sweeping motion, and sends prayers up towards the Divine, similar to that of a bird in flight.

Incorporating the feather into the smuding ritual represents the element of Air. The burning smudge represents Fire, the plant itself represents Earth, and the bowl used to burn loose smudge or hold / put out the smudge stick represents water. This symbolism is another beautiful way to connect to the Divine and Mother Earth through the ancient ways.

The turkey feather is the traditional feather used by most native American shamanic practices. The turkey spirit animal is associated with honouring nature and the earth.

The colours of feathers are also seen to have energetic properties:

  • White for general protection. White feather signifies purity, peace, love, hope, heaven, angels and protection. It also is a sign from ancestors that everything is well on the other side and a blessing wisdom in connection with the moon.
  • Black to eliminate negativity. Black feather signifies strong protection, cleansing, and mystical wisdom.
  • Grey to cleanse actions. Grey feather signifies neutrality, keeping faith and protection.
  • Brown to protect family and home. Brown signifies grounding. A brown coloured feather is related to endurance and strength. It also signifies home, friendship and respect.


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