Smoky Quartz & Orthoclase Cluster 20-30g #1

Single large Smoky Quartz point with excellent clarity rising out of an Orthoclase cluster with one or two smaller points. Size approx 5cm x 4cm base.


Smoky Quartz

One of the most efficient grounding & anchoring stones. Superb for stress, assisting in dealing with difficult times. Gently neutralizes negative vibrations, blocks geopathic stress & electromagnetic smog. Brings a positive vibration to fill the space. Relieves fear, lifts depression & brings emotional calm. Takes away suicidal tendencies & nightmares. Promotes positive thought & helps you leave behind anything that no longer serves you. Helps you accept your body & sexual nature, allowing passion to flow freely. Promotes concentration. Brandberg Smoky Quartz is a treasured form of Smoky Quartz that comes from the Brandberg mountains in Namibia. These crystals, in addition to the generic properties of Smoky Quartz, have a superior healing ability and really do possess an amazing, unique energy. Although they were only fairly recently discovered, Brandbergs are believed to have old souls within their youthful energy.


Orthoclase Feldspar assists with overcoming tragedy by bringing peace during times of trauma. Aligns chakras & meridians. Especially helpful in working with the solar plexus chakra, enhancing self-will, emotional strength and courage. Encourages cooperation, offers insights into group experiences. Helps find new solutions to achieving goals. Connected to the wisdom of ancient Egypt. Boosts self esteem.


A cluster is a group of crystals that are physically attached to each other on a matrix (sharing a common base) or floating free. The crystals can be single or double terminated or combinations of both. There may be hundreds of points, or only two, but they live together in an evolved community of peace and harmony. They serve to bring the “group” energy of the associated crystal to the surroundings, enhancing harmony and peace in groups, in the family, and in other social and/or business environments. The energy generated is directly proportional to the number of crystals in the cluster. The auric light that surrounds a Quartz cluster is very bright and strong, and will bathe an entire area or room in radiance. They can also be used to activate and to cleanse other minerals, enhancing and increasing their energy. They can be placed in areas to purify the environment of negative energies and feelings, and to foster protection, cooperation, purification, harmony, friendship and intimacy. This crystal formation can also be referred to as a plate or burr.


Additional information


Capricorn, Pisces, Sagittarius, Taurus


All, Heart Chakra, Root Chakra

Crystal System

Hexagonal – Trigonal, Monoclinic


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