Shungite Round Plate 5cm

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Genuine Shungite polished round plate. Size approx 5cm. This Shungite plate has many beneficial uses! For example: Use it to charge or cleanse crystals, put your glass of water on it before drinking, create a mini grid on it (eg for protection!), place your phone on it when not in use, or place the plate on top of or nearby electronic equipment to block EMF/radiation. Some gold flecks present on some pieces, this is naturally occurring traces or veins of Pyrite. Made of high grade Classic to Elite Noble Shungite.

All our Shungite is imported directly from Karelia, Russia and is certified genuine Shungite.

Originally found in Russia, it was called “aspidian stone”. Peter The Great (former Russian emperor) created the first spa with Shungite for his soldiers and made each soldier carry a Shungite on them, to benefit from its healing properties. Today, scientific studies are looking into fascinating uses including nanotechnology!

Read more about this incredible stone in our 3 part series on Shungite, starting HERE for Article 1.


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Physical Healing Keywords

Inflammation, EMF Protection, Antibacterial, Detoxification, Water Purification, Oxidative Stress, Tissue Regeneration

Metaphysical Keywords

Highly Protective, Cleansing, Purification, Astral Travel, Ascension Stone, Grounding, Emotional Stress


Highly protective against electromagnetic fog (EMF). Neutralises and purifies. Balances yin & yang. Powerfully grounding. Scientists have discovered a component of shungite called“fullerenes” which has amazing properties, including boosting the regenerative ability of human tissue and influencing the exchange of neurotransmitters, which can improve a person’s resistance to stress. Shungite is anti inflammatory and anti bacterial, also reducing oxidative stress.

Additional information


Gemini, Virgo


Root Chakra

Colour Group

Black, Silver & Grey Colours

Crystal System


Other Names

Schungit, Schungite, Shungit

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    Love this plate – fits perfectly in my iPad cover:-)

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