Shamanism Made Easy

Shamanism Made Easy: Awaken and Develop the Shamanic Force Within.
An introductory guide to one of the oldest and most enduring wisdom traditions, and how its powerful practices can help you find healing and wholeness.

Reconnect with your authentic self and bring meaning back into your life with the ancient, time-tested wisdom of shamanism. This book is a fantastic and comprehensive introduction to shamanism by a leading expert and teacher on the subject.

Shamanism is the oldest and most enduring spiritual wisdom tradition on Earth, found in all regions of the world. It offers powerful practices for healing and finding wholeness. Shamans are intermediaries between worlds, connecting with spirit energies and working with them to guard the wellbeing of our community and its people. Shamans are usually ‘called by spirit’ to embark on this life-changing path.

Shamanism Made Easy, written by a much loved university psychotherapist and shamanic teacher Christa Mackinnon, explains the subject in a clear and easily digestible format, and shows why these deeply transformative techniques are so needed in our challenging times. Christa was profoundly transformed by her discovery and experience of shamanism. She now dedicates her life to bringing shamanic approaches to therapeutic communities.

In this book, she teaches how to:
– Use shamanism to help you heal, find fulfilment and reconnect with your life calling
– Undergo transformative journeys for healing and spiritual development
– Build an altar and create a sacred space
– Conduct ceremonies and design a daily ritual
– Connect with spirit helpers and ancestors
– Use dance as a tool for awakening and freedom.

Above all, readers will learn what it is like to undergo transformative journeys for personal healing and development.

Christa Mackinnon (MSc Psych DFC PgDhyp DipITEC) is a Modern Medicine Woman and psycho-spiritual shamanic teacher. An acclaimed international trainer, lecturer and therapist for over 25years, she holds an Honorary Fellowship at Exeter University, Medical School. She is also co-founder of ‘Women Weaving Change’ – a training school for Modern Medicine Women.

“Within minutes of meeting Christa Mackinnon, I knew she was the real deal and that she was some incarnation or embodiment of ancient knowledge here to inspire healing and transformation in all of those she works with. Christa’s book Shamanism Made Easy was like medicine to me and as soon as I had it in my hands I could feel my soul being replenished and supported. I believe in Christa and her mission; her loving attention to ethics, sustainability and making a difference is an inspiration to the world. May Christa’s sacred work enrich your life.” – Kyle Gray, bestselling author of ‘Raise Your Vibration’, ‘Angel Prayers’ and ‘Light Warrior’

“This book is essential reading for beginners, but also very interesting for people like me who have walked for a long time on the path of shamanism. I love the way in which Christa explains the fundamentals of shamanism but also gives psychological and scientific perspectives on what is happening in your brain while you practice. For people new to shamanism, you will find many techniques to begin your shamanic practices, and experienced people like me will find beneficial explanations from somebody that has been combining psychotherapy with shamanism in an amazing way in her practice and her life.” – Sergio Magaña, author of ‘The Toltec Secret’ and ‘Caves of Power’

“This book is a must for anyone who wishes to explore shamanism and understand how it can be used in modern day life. Written by a highly experienced modern-day Medicine Woman and inspiring shamanic teacher, it is easy to read, clear, authentic and informative. I particularly love the practical ideas suggested and have included them in my own work. A book I return to again and again.” – Vanessa Tucker, author of ‘The Art of You’ and founder of ‘Walk Your Talk Retreats’

This book was previously published under the title Shamanism (Hay House Basics series).


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