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Shaman: Invoking Power, Presence and Purpose at the Core of Who YOU Are

This shamanic journey of self-discovery, healing and empowerment shares teachings and practices to help you rediscover your inner shaman and find spiritual connection in modern life.

Shamans are no longer isolated healers in faraway places. Their spirit has returned and is infusing the work of teachers, artists and activists, leaders in business and people throughout all areas of our societies. We all have an inner shaman and this book is for you if you:

– Recognize there’s untapped power inside you that you want to learn how to harness.
– Want to feel a deeper connection to your own nature, your ancestors, your community and the intelligence of life itself.
– Care about the future of life on our planet and wish to redress the balance between humanity and nature.
– Know your purpose is to co-create a world that is built on justice and sustainability.

There is a shaman in you who was born to play a powerful role in our collective awakening for our future on Earth.

Only a truly authentic leader could bring a book titled Shaman into existence, and there is no question that Ya’Acov Darling Khan deserves the honour. Shaman is an invitation not just to the young generation, but to us all. To see our lives as canvasses ready to be made into art. To step up and into our true power and transform some of its most pressing issues. “We are made of star dust” Ya’Acov reminds us, and if we engage with Shaman like the blessed text it is, the possibility of transformation for ourselves and the world we occupy stands before us. May its message travel far and wide. – Jessica Huie MBE, author of ‘Purpose’

Ya’Acov is a gifted healer of the highest integrity who has written a masterpiece that will help you understand, embrace and harness the power of your Inner Shaman. His words and guidance serve as a path to live with greater purpose and create a world where we can turn suffering into healing. Thank you, Ya’Acov, for being such a blessing, in and for our world. – Vex King, mind coach and bestselling author of ‘Good Vibes, Good Life’

Shaman is a label that many start using after a weekend workshop and a swig of plant medicine. It took Ya’Acov 30 years of deep study to start using it, and only then after it was asked of him by his indigenous teachers. He has been doing the inner work for a lifetime. You can trust him. His roots are deep and his heart is open. He will sing for you and teach you to remember the words of your own song too. – Charlie Morley, lucid dreaming teacher and bestselling author of ‘Dreams of Awakening’

Ya’Acov is the real deal, and he’s doing incredibly sacred work that the world needs more than ever. Let him guide you deep into the truth of who you are. – Kyle Gray, bestselling author of ‘Angel Prayers’ and ‘Raise Your Vibration’


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