Selenite & Kyanite Rough Silver Pendants

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Long natural blade of Selenite with small blue Kyanite, in silver metal cap. The metal cap has a cool “melting” organic texture. Approx 6cm.

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Accessing angelic consciousness and higher guidance. Excellent for meditation or spiritual work. Enhances physic abilities. An ancient stone while also one of the most powerful crystals for the new vibration on earth. Selenite is a supreme gridding stone. Place as a protective grid around the house to create a safe, peaceful energy that repels outside energies. Selenite can be used as a wand to work on the auric and energetic field. Powerful stabiliser of erratic emotions. Brings about conscious understanding of what has been happening at the subconscious level.


Excellent for meditation. Tranquillising. Doesn’t hold negativity so never needs cleansing. Encourages speaking your truth, cutting through fear & blockages. Opens the throat chakra to encourage self-expression & communication. Cuts through ignorance & confusion and dispels illusion, anger, frustration & stress. Increases capacity for linear & logical thought. Blue Kyanite also strengthens the voice and is a great stone for performers and public speakers.

2 reviews for Selenite & Kyanite Rough Silver Pendants

  1. Nwabisa M.

  2. Alyx C.

    I absolutely LOVE my pendant- I made sure to cleanse it and wear it as soon as I got it.

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