Quartz, Clear Crystal Lightbrary Floater Point 9cm

Very bright, clear 1990’s Zambian Floater Quartz crystals with cubic Calcite inclusions. A Grade. Mpika, Zambia. This is a standing Cathedral Lightbrary with multiple terminations rising up to the point. Other features include key, warrior tip and one edge covered in awesome raised and etched triangles (classic A grade floater formation). Tangerine tones. Size approx 9cm x 9cm. Weight approx 435g.


Physical Healing Keywords

Master Healer, All Purpose

Emotional & Spiritual Keywords

All Purpose Power Stone

Clear Crystal Quartz

Most powerful healing & energy amplifier in the world. Absorbs, stores, releases, regulates & unblocks energy. Used on acupuncture needles, increasing effectiveness by 10%. Doubles your biomagnetic field. Takes energy to the most perfect state possible, going back to before the dis-ease set in. Works on all levels of being. Aids concentration & unlocks memory. Great energy saver. Master Healer & can be used for any condition.

Cathedral Lightbrary

Cathedral Lightbraries are Quartz crystals that appear as one large crystal with many smaller crystals contacting and interpenetrating one another and unified in one singly terminated crystal. The crystals that form upon the body of the “mother” are similar to data banks in the sense that they can gather universal knowledge. These data banks are open and clear until conscious thoughts and intentions are projected in them. The energies in the Cathedral Lightbraries project outwards as they stand open to receive the impressions of the universal mind as well as collective thought forms. These crystals are capable of receiving and relaying information. Lightbrary crystals may contain the sacred knowledge of the Akashic Records.

Additional information




All, Crown Chakra

Colour Group

White & Clear Crystals

Crystal System

Hexagonal – Trigonal

Other Names

Clear Quartz, Master Healer, Rock Crystal, Rock Quartz, Stone of Power


Cathedral, Etched, Floater, Key, Lightbrary, Record Keeper, Warrior


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