Quartz, Celestial Natural Cluster 7cm 145g

These Celestial quartz specimens have amazing white bright primary crystals with some cascading features around the base of the larger crystals. Mostly snow white, bright & clear, with some golden healer limonite like colouration on some pieces. Stunning deposit of very beautiful specimens. Good to A Grade. Ambatondrazaka, Madagascar. Celestial Quartz is a type of Elestial quartz formation.

This specimen has two main points, the one showing a self healed formation on one side. Size approx 7cm. Weight approx 145g.


Physical Healing Keywords

Master Healer, All Purpose

Emotional & Spiritual Keywords

All Purpose Power Stone

Clear Crystal Quartz

Most powerful healing & energy amplifier in the world. Absorbs, stores, releases, regulates & unblocks energy. Used on acupuncture needles, increasing effectiveness by 10%. Doubles your biomagnetic field. Takes energy to the most perfect state possible, going back to before the dis-ease set in. Works on all levels of being. Aids concentration & unlocks memory. Great energy saver. Master Healer & can be used for any condition.


This crystal is recognized by natural terminations that have formed over the body and face of a crystal. Markings/etchings on the surface can have the appearance of cryptic hieroglyphics, a cosmic alphabet of sorts. Many elestials have a smoky look and appear to have been burned by fire. The youngest form of Quartz on earth, it is unlike any other form of Quartz. The Elestial is the enchanted crystal. Their source is beyond time itself and their origin is the celestial realm. They represent the air. They can take us deep within the self, to connect with that which is the innermost truth. The Elestials bear geometric patterns which in and of themselves state profound laws of the universe. It is as if the symbols of a cosmic alphabet have been written and formed in these crystals. These crystals stabilize brain wave frequencies and neutralize erratic confused thought forms, resulting in an expanded state of awareness. Elestials can bring to the surface that which needs to be dealt with and cleansed, and make us aware of that which is preventing us from experiencing truth, from a detached perspective. They can teach us to understand the true nature of our feelings and the importance of learning to express our feelings in the moment that we feel them. The Elestial can help us to understand that which must be accomplished in this life in order to eliminate the need to repeat harsh lessons. They can help us to find comfort during transition. The Elestial can stimulate clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. The Elestials are beautiful crystalized examples of all the different directions that we can take in our lives – and each choice is right and beautiful and finally, we end up exactly where we’re supposed to be.

Additional information




All, Crown Chakra

Crystal System

Hexagonal – Trigonal

Other Names

Clear Quartz, Master Healer, Rock Crystal, Rock Quartz, Stone of Power


Elestial, Self Healed


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