Pyrite Rough Pieces 20-40g

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Rough, cubic pieces of Pyrite. These rough pieces of Pyrite have not formed into individual cubes, but rather are roughly cubic in shape with many indents and multiple formations in various areas. Grade Medium. Weight approx 20-40g.


Physical Healing Keywords

Arthritis, Athletic Ability, Bacterial and Viral Infections, Bone Disorders and Health, Brain Disorders and Health, Bronchitis, DNA Damage or Repair, Lungs, Memory Health, Stamina, Viruses

Emotional & Spiritual Keywords

Abundance, Communication with Spirit and Consciousness, Solar Plexus Chakra. Chaos, positive energy, willpower, happiness. Frustration.


Excellent energy shield. Blocks out negative energy & pollutants at all levels. Deflects harm & danger. Very positive stone. Overcomes inertia & feelings of inadequacy. Taps into abilities & potential, stimulates flow of ideas. Placed on a desk it energizes the area all around it. Helpful when planning big business concepts. Teaches how to see behind the facade to what really is. Promotes diplomacy. Relieves anxiety & frustration.

Additional information




All, Solar Plexus Chakra

Crystal System

Isometric / Cubic

Other Names

Fool's Gold, Iron Pyrite

2 reviews for Pyrite Rough Pieces 20-40g

  1. Karusha H.

    Pieces are decently sized, but a little misshapen and dull on the surface.

  2. Preshika

    It’s better than expected.

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