Purpurite, Natural Rough Specimens 40-60g

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Purpurite is a Mandanese iron phosphate mineral with varying amounts of iron depending on its source. It forms a series with the iron bearing endmember heterosite. The name Purpurite is from the Latin word purpura, which means purple. It occurs in colour ranges from brownish black to purple, violet and dark red. The best specimens are found in Namibia. Purpurite doesn’t form crystals but rather occurs as a beautifully metallic chatoyancy in veins and along fracture plains. Excellent rare specimens for collectors. Good to A Grade. Vis, Namibia. Weight approx 40-60g.


Physical Healing Keywords

Communication, Violet Flame Energy, Purification, Initiation, Freedom, Insight, Truth, Power, Sovereignty, Intuition, Psychic Abilities

Metaphysical Keywords

Nutrient Intake, Sunburn, Brain Function, Wounds, Bleeding, Bruises, Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Blood Filtration


Purpurite embodies within it the violet flame energy, which is highly spiritual in nature. This energy also has powerful healing abilities, and offers strong psychic protection, cleansing one’s auric field and keeping it free of negative attachments. It is a powerful ascension tool that helps attune one to higher energies, as well as open up and connect the third eye and crown chakra. Working with this mineral will help raise one’s intuition levels and consciousness. Purpurite provides mental clarity which can be used to help one connect with angelic beings and guardian angels, as well as allowing one to process emotions with much more ease. It is a stone of insight and truth. It helps you to ‘keep digging’ for the reality that underlies appearances. It allows those who utilise oracles such as the tarot or I Ching to more clearly understand the guidance that they receive. Purpurite can also open the higher crown chakra and link it to the base chakra, stimulating unimpeded evolution and grounding, the resulting energy shift moves you into functioning reality. It is a powerful psychological and psychic tool for adapting to change in a very positive way. Purpurite supports the breaking of old patterns of thought and behaviours that no longer support the soul on its journey. It encourages leaving behind bad memories particularly those of heartbreak opening you to unconditional love.​ Purpurite teaches you to walk on the Earth with grace and beauty and to use your earthly experience as an opportunity to enlighten the physical plane.


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Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Colour Group

Purple, Lavender & Violet Crystals

Crystal System


3 reviews for Purpurite, Natural Rough Specimens 40-60g

  1. Dave Johnson

    Cannot be used for my purpose of crushing for mineral inlays as the colour is only in the surface

  2. Storm

    What an amazing color, to think it was made by nature is truly wonderful

  3. Kimberley

    Incredibly beautiful stones

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