Palo Santo, Peruvian Holy Wood Sticks

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Bursera graveolens, known in Spanish as palo santo (meaning ‘holy wood’), is a sacred wild tree native to South America. It is part of the same family (Burseraceae) as Frankincense and Myrhh. Palo Santo has been used in indigenous rituals and ceremonies for centuries by shamans and medicine people of the land, including the Incas and people of the Andes.

This powerful tree medicine is used ceremonially for spiritual purification, energy cleansing, healing, protection, blessings and meditation. The heady scent can activate the third eye chakra while grounding the root chakra, bringing a deep connection to mother earth and father sky. It is also said to help with physical healing, easing symptoms of colds, coughs, stress, headaches, anxiety and inflammation.





The oil in Palo Santo wood takes a very long time to develop! The trees themselves grow for decades. When a dead branch falls from the tree, it rests on the forest floor for 5 to 8 years while the resin slowly accumulates and matures. Only then can the aged heartwood with its high quality oil be harvested and hand cut into the traditional incense sticks. Trees that are cut down and harvested ‘alive’ do not, as a result, have time to develop the rich scent of the oil.

Always ensure that you are purchasing Palo Santo that is 100% authentic and natural, sustainably harvested from fallen wood. While the tree is currently not endangered (it’s listed as stable and of least concern on IUCN Red List), it could become so without careful management.


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    Love these. Last long too .

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    Great quality!

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