Opal, Green Polished Sphere 5cm

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Stunning green opal with variable levels of colour intensity and either a cracked like pattern else showing complex opalized intrusive exposures. This high grade material is selected from the top 20% material available on the market and tends to have more consistent colour with richer, darker and deeper green tones. Not commonly available and finding high quality material is always difficult. Very good grade. Madagascar. Size approx 5cm. Weight approx 178g.


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Physical Healing Keywords:

Fever, Infections, PMS, Circulation, Eye Health, Hair, Skin, Nails, Dehydration, Water Retention, Kidneys, Insulin Production, Parkinson’s Disease, Detox, Menopause, Stress

Metaphysical Healing Keywords:

Harmony, Abundance, Wealth, Clarity, Emotional Understanding, Calming, Patience, Joy, Relieves Anxiety, Trauma, Self Discovery, Self Healing, Expanded Awareness, Inner Peace, Spiritual Awakening, Strengthen Relationships

Green Opal:

Assists in strengthening relationships. Stone of change. Assists in opening psychic abilities. Improves memory. Comforts those who are grieving, assists in releasing fears and unwanted emotions, provides gentle loving support by easing pain and trauma. Purifies and cleanses heart chakra, preparing the heart for new experiences – wonderful for those who have been hurt and need faith to believe again. Stimulates deep meditative state. Relieves stress and anxiety.

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Cancer, Libra, Pisces, Scorpio


Heart Chakra

Colour Group

Green Crystals

Crystal System


Other Names

Phrase Opal

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    Beautiful!! So happy with it!!

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