Meditation Made Easy

Meditation Made Easy: Come To Know Your Mind
An introductory step-by-step guide to meditation, suitable for beginners as well as those wishing to refresh their knowledge and practice. 

Matteo Pistono began studying Buddhism and yoga in Nepal in the early 1990s, and later lived and worked in Tibet for a decade. In this book, Matteo shares the essence of the many teachings and practices he learned during his 20 years of study under eminent teachers in Nepal, India, Tibet and Thailand, and his guidance is especially relevant as an antidote to today’s stresses and challenges.

Matteo shares how to:

– Develop a daily meditation practice
– Connect the body and mind with body-scanning meditation
– Integrate mindfulness awareness into everyday life
– Meditate while walking, drinking tea, eating and in daily life
– Come to know your heart and mind in the innermost way

Matteo Pistono is a writer and meditation teacher, and the author of Fearless in Tibet and In the Shadow of the Buddha. Matteo earned a Masters in Indian Philosophy from the University of London. His images and writings about Tibetan and Himalayan cultural, political and spiritual landscapes have appeared in The Washington Post, BBC’s In-Pictures and Men’s Journal.

“I have long been searching for a clear, compassionate guide to meditation that I can recommend to people from all walks of life. Matteo Pistono’s Meditation: Coming to Know Your Mind is the clearest and most insightful guide anybody could wish for, whether beginner or seasoned practitioner. While grounded in the Buddhist tradition, Meditation is a real treasure for anybody who seeks to explore this ancient wisdom practice in a modern setting. A brilliant beacon of light on the path to mindfulness!” – Michaela Haas, PhD, author

A wonderfully refreshing, well-informed, and practical guide to a rich array of meditative practices drawn from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. The practices explained here, interspersed with illuminating personal narratives, are central to Buddhism and are at the same time relevant to everyone seeking a more mindful, empathetic, meaningful way of life. I recommend it to beginners and seasoned meditators alike.” – B. Alan Wallace, President, Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies

This book was previously published under the title Meditation (Hay House Basics series).


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