Kyanite, Blue Crystal Healing Bracelet

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Polished Kyanite 6x9mm nugget shaped beads strung together on an elasticated string to fit any size wrist comfortably. Unisex. Includes a crystal healing info card and a small pouch.


Blue Kyanite

Excellent for meditation. Tranquilising. Doesn’t hold negativity so never needs cleansing. Encourages speaking your truth, cutting through fear & blockages. Opens the throat chakra to encourage self-expression & communication. Cuts through ignorance & confusion and dispels illusion, anger, frustration & stress. Increases capacity for linear & logical thought. Blue Kyanite also strengthens the voice and is a great stone for performers and public speakers.

1 review for Kyanite, Blue Crystal Healing Bracelet

  1. Riaz Aniff

    This bracelet was also given to a family member of mine and she really likes it!! It goes with every outfit she wears and she wears it all the time,even when she is at home!

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