Jade, Royal Crystal Standing Tower 13.5cm

Polished Royal Jade Crystal Tower / Standing Point.

Stunning dark green Royal Swaziland Jade with minor Pyrite inclusions. The colour intensity is mostly consistent with some veil-like or intrusive exposure of white to clear Chalcedony-like material. Microscopic to visible Pyrite traces run through the material. Gorgeous and quite exclusive – this Jade has been mined from a very difficult to reach area where more is unlikely to be coming up. From Swaziland. Good Grade. Weight approx 243g. Size approx 13.5cm.


Physical Healing Keywords

Bladder issues, Cancer, Childbirth, Detox, Diabetes, Digestion, Immune System, Infertility, Kidney Issues, Nerves, Oedema, Skeletal System, Fertility, Fluid Retention.

Metaphysical Healing Keywords

Good Luck, Abundance, Prosperity, Love, Relationships, Peace, Wisdom, Dreams, Opportunities.

Green Jade

Symbol of purity & serenity. Signifies wisdom gathered in tranquillity. Increases love & nurturing. Protective. Brings harmony. Promotes self-sufficiency. Stabilizes the personality, integrates mind & body. Releases negative thoughts & soothes the mind. Stimulates ideas, makes tasks seem less complex & aids immediate action. Brings insightful dreams. Aids emotional release, especially irritability. Encourages you to become who you really are. Aids in allowing joy into our lives, and to resonate with the energy of true abundance and manifest it in the physical realm. Enables us to understand that sacrifice is an illusion and that in spirit nothing is every gained or lost.

Additional information


Aries, Gemini, Libra, Taurus


Heart Chakra, Root Chakra

Crystal System


Other Names

Green Jade, Nephrite, Stone of Prosperity


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