Hematite, Botryoidal Rainbow Cluster 8cm (RARE)

Rare Botryoidal (grape-like formation) Hematite with a beautiful natural metallic rainbow sheen. Namibian specimen. Size approx 8cm. Weight approx 136g.


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Physical Healing Keywords

Anaemia, Bleeding, Fever, Fractures, Insomnia, Cramps, Stress

Metaphysical Healing Keywords

Grounding, Calming, Improve memory, Mental clarity, Original thinking, Protection


Grounding & protecting. Harmonizes mind, body & spirit. Strongly yang, it addresses yin imbalances. Dissolves negativity. Helps in legal situations. Supports timid women, boosting self esteem & survival instincts, enhancing willpower, reliability & confidence. Treats overeating, smoking and all kinds of compulsions & addictions. Helps you come to terms with past mistakes. Helps in the study of maths & technical subjects. Cools the body.

Additional information


Aquarius, Aries


Root Chakra

Crystal System

Hexagonal – Trigonal

Other Names

Haematite, Hematite


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