Green Aventurine, Light & Red Jasper Tumbled Clay Necklace

Light green Aventurine tumbled stone set in handcrafted clay with a small tumbled Red Jasper above it. Pendant is on a leather cord with wood beads and adjustable clasp.



Aventurine is a positive stone of prosperity. Absorbs electromagnetic smog. Diffuses negative situations & turns them around. Reinforces leadership qualities & decisiveness. Promotes compassion & empathy, encourages perseverance. Soothes stammers. Stabilizes state of mind, stimulates perception, enhances creativity. Green Aventurine contains these properties as well as: is a comforter & heart healer, harmonizer, dissolves negative emotions & thoughts.


Extremely powerful & protective stone. Guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love. Natural tranquilizer, blocks negative Supreme nurturer. Sustains & supports during times of stress, brings tranquillity & wholeness. Unifies all aspects of your life. Aligns the chakra. Dream recall. Provides protection & grounds energy. Balances yin & yan, aligns the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Clears electromagnetic smog & environmental pollution. Imparts determination. Brings courage to deal with problems assertively. Encourages honesty with self. Prolongs sexual pleasure. Red Jasper contains generic properties of Jasper in addition to: gently stimulating. Grounds energy & rectifies unjust situations. Brings problems to light before they become too big & provides insights into the most difficult situations. Calms the emotions when played with. Strengthens your boundaries.


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