Flower of Life Grid Mat, Black on Cotton

This Flower of Life Crystal Grid mat is printed on pure white cotton. It has been carefully sewn, and is light and easy to work with, providing a beautiful template for crystal layouts in your sacred space. 

Size: 28cm x 28cm
Print: 25cm x 25cm 


The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol and an important example of Sacred Geometry because of the number of geometric patterns contained within it, including the Seed of Life, Fruit of Life, Vesica Piscis, the Platonic Solids (studied by Plato circa 450BC), the Star Tetrahedron and Metatron’s Cube among others. It is the vast amount of information contained within the Flower of Life that makes it such a versatile and powerful crystal grid template. The origin of the Flower of Life is unknown, however it has been found in drawings by famous artist and mathematician Leonardo Da Vinci and was discovered engraved on pillars at the Temple of Osiris in Egypt which dates back more than 5000 years. It is not certain when the Flower of Life was placed on these pillars but the ancient Egyptians and Greeks including Pythagoras (circa 570 – 495 BCE) who trained in Egypt certainly knew about it.


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