Energy & Creativity Crystal Grid Kit

This Energy & Creativity crystal grid kit is designed to work with a Flower of Life grid mat (sold separately). A vibrant grid for personal energy, inspiration and vitality. Connecting to the warm colours of this grid awakens the fire of passion and spontaneity. Perhaps you want to adopt a more active routine or rekindle your motivation to work on a creative project. Find the grounding energy within and then take action from a place of stability and excitement for life. 

Improve feelings of self worth, connection to inner self and self love. Improving the relationship we have with ourselves in turn improves relationships with others and the broader world around us. Starting from within we can begin to shape our experience of life in a positive and meaningful way, ultimately bringing happiness and joy. 


6 x Yellow Fire Opal
12 x Carnelian
6 x Red Jasper
6 x Quartz

Please note that a KEY STONE and GRID MAT are not included.



Fire Opal: Stimulates originality & dynamic creativity. Aids in expressing one’s true self. Enhancing self-worth, helps you understand your true potential. Brings lightness & spontaneity. Seductive stone that intensifies emotional states & releases inhibitions. Teaches you to take responsibility for how you feel. In addition to the properties of Opal, Fire Opal is an enhancer of personal power, awakening inner fire, and protects against danger. Symbol of hope, excellent for business, energy amplifier. Helps you let go of the past. Re-energising and warming. 

Carnelian: Stone of motivation, endurance and courage. Full of life force & vitality. Stabilising with high energy, excellent for restoring vitality & motivation & stimulating creativity. Cleanses other stones. Promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy & motivates for success in business. Overcoming abuse of any kind. Trust yourself & your perception. Powerful protector against envy, rage & resentment. Calms anger, banishes negative emotions & replaces with love for life. Associated with Sacral and Root Chakras.

Red Jasper: Contains the generic properties of Jasper in addition to gently stimulating. It brings vibrancy, endurance, energy and stamina. Helps one connect to earth energy. Also a good environmental protector from Electromagnetic Fog. Strengthens your boundaries. Associated with the Root Chakra. 

Recommended Key Stone (NOT INCLUDED):

A point of power, the Quartz Standing Point is used for receiving, amplifying and transmitting the energy of the grid layout. It acts as a broadcast tower for the purpose of your grid. A Quartz Sphere may also be used as the spherical shape works very well as the key stone. 

Recommended Grid Mat (NOT INCLUDED):

Flower of Life


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