Dumortierite Tumbled L- XL

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Stunning shades of blue with black flecks Dumortierite tumbled stones.

Dumorierite is a fibrous variably colored aluminium boro-silicate mineral and varies in colour from browns, blacks and white to the most sought after violet-blues. Deep blue dumortierite has been called “blue denim stone.” It often occurs in Quartz, giving the Quartz a blue appearance. Dumortierite is named for a French paleontologist, Eugène Dumortier, who discovered it in 1881 in Alps of France. Dumortierite is not a common mineral, and only a handful of localities have produced quality specimens, including France, Italy, Brazil and Madagascar.


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Physical Healing Keywords

Digestive System, Epilepsy, Headaches and Migraines, Heart, Hypersensitivity, Mental Clarity, Sunburn

Metaphysical Keywords

Detachment, Depression, Fear, Inflexibility, Insomnia, Organization, Overexcitability, Panic, Patience, Phobias, Reducing Stress or Tension, Self Confidence and Self Worth, Self Discipline, Shyness, Stage Fright, Stubbornness, Angel Communication, Psychic Ability, pirit Guides, Mediumship, Past Life Recall


Known as “The Stone of Learning”, Dumortierite helps with concentration and the ability to understand and retain what we have learnt. Dumortierite stimulates all intellectual aspects of the brain and is especially useful when learning a foreign language. Also believed to be a natural healer and helper for neurological functioning. It is a highly stimulating stone for the pineal gland. The pineal gland produces hormones that affect one’s sleeping pattern. Dumortierite is believed to be a stone of self-reliance and discipline. It is said to promote patience and orderliness.

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Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra

Colour Group

Blue & Indigo Crystals

Crystal System


Other Names

Blue Denim Stone, Stone of Learning

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