Dioptase, Crystalline with Mimetite Clusters 2cm

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Lustrous, emerald green gemmy Dioptase crystals with crystalline and semi-crystalline Mimetite crystals. Very Good Grade. Kaokoveld, Namibia. Size approx 2cm. Weight approx 2-5g


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Physical Healing Keywords:

Abrasions and Wounds, AIDS/HIV, Blood Pressure Regulation, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Detoxifying, Emphysema, Headache and Migraine Relief, Healing Wounds, Heart, Heartburn, Liver Disorders and Health, Lungs, Muscle Pain or Issues, Muscular/Skeletal, Pain Relief, PMS, Remove Toxins, Tumours and Growths

Metaphysical Keywords:

Aura cleansing. Compassion, Eases Depression, Emotional Balance, Joy, Reducing Stress or Tension, Tranquility


Powerful healer for the heart. Promotes living in the present moment. Positive attitude to life. Tunes into your own resources. Works in all areas of life to turn negative into positive. Gives you direction. Releases the need to control others. Dissolves grief, betrayal & sorrow, heals heartache & pain of abandonment. Brings a new vibration of love. Teaches that ultimately pain & difficulty in a relationship is a mirroring of an inner separation from the self. Repairs that link and draws in love at all levels. Heals emotional black hole.


Mimetite encourages the growth and acceptance of one’s authentic self, releasing the need to ‘fit in’ or imitate others. Shields from external pressures. Excellent healer of the Heart chakra. Protection during meditation. Powerful channeling stone, enhancing psychic communication, clarity, perception and accuracy.

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Sagittarius, Scorpio


Heart Chakra

Colour Group

Green Crystals

Crystal System

Hexagonal – Trigonal

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