Brandberg Quartz & Prehnite Cluster 8.5cm 156g

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Amazing very collectible Brandberg specimens from Namibia ideal for the collectors, and quartz lovers. Brandberg is perhaps on the most collectible localities for Quartz in the world, and specially out of Africa. The clusters occur in basalt vugs associated to volcanic activity, and are mined on a small scale by multiple individuals across a wide geographic area.

Brandberg Quartz cluster with a small gorgeous Prehnite in a mini cave on the matrix. A broken point but rest is still so stunning. Grade Good to A Grade. Size approx 8.5cm. Weight approx 156g.


Brandberg Quartz

Brandbergs from Namibia are new in geological terms but have very old souls. These crystals have a high vibration and just by holding one you can feel they are something truly special. They radiate infinate compassion and are able to facilitate deep soul healing and forgiveness. They are excellent at removing any kind of attachments and for transformation.

Quartz is a Master Healer & Power Stone, suitable for all kinds of healing work.


Heals the healer. Enhances visualisation process. Connects to Archangel Raphael. Enhances recognition & inner knowing. Enables you to always be prepared, no matter what. Enhances prophecy & shows you the way forward for your spiritual growth. Seals the aura in a protective sheath of divine energy. Calms the environment, bringing peace & protection, making your home a healing sanctuary. Helps hoarders, aiding you let go of possessions you no longer need & organizing what you keep in an appropriate way.

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Brandenberg Quartz

1 review for Brandberg Quartz & Prehnite Cluster 8.5cm 156g

  1. Anna Terblanche

    This is a very beautiful specimen! It has beautiful clarity and I love the little Prehnite formations!

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