Belemnite Fossil Specimens 10-20g

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These amazing bullet shaped stones are in fact the fossilized ‘rostrum’, plural ‘rostra’ (also known as the ‘guard’) of the ancient Belemnite, a squid-like Cephalod with 10 arms, each bearing 30-40 hooks (as opposed to modern day squids’ suckers). The rostra formed in the Belemnite’s internal skeletal tail section, and the more elongated the rostra, the faster the Belemite is believed to have been able to move. Belemnites date back 200-100 million years, up to the Cretaceous period. An interesting nicely preserved batch of fossils! Not at all common from the region.

From Madagascar. Good to A Grade. Weight approx 10-20g . Size approx 3-4cm.


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Physical Healing Keywords

Depression, Heart trouble, Inflammation

Metaphysical Keywords

Balance sex drive, Commitment, Compassion, Imagination, Tranquillity, Ancestral Healing, Protection, Past Life Recall


In ancient times, fossils were believed to be stony casts of seed decedents that grew on Earth from the realms of the stars. This gift from the stars was used to enhance telepathic communication between this present reality and the prior worlds. Heightens and supplements your accomplishments in the business realm and instils quality and excellence within your environment. Helps you to dispense with old programming and schedules, and to be open, receptive and perceptive of the fresh innovative forces available.

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