Aura Quartz, Gold Geode Wire Wrapped Pendant

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Golden Aura Quartz geode wire wrapped pendant. Approx 5cm.

Aura Quartz is clear crystal Quartz that has been coated with energy-enhancing minerals and metals, including titanium, copper, iron, gold and others in a heat process. This combines the power of Quartz with the power of the precious metals to create a special super-Quartz! All Aura Quartz have beautiful iridescence. Different Aura Quartz colours are a combination of different precious metals and have different properties as a result, but all are very good for chakra work.


Quartz coated in gold, copper and other precious metals.

Golden Aura Quartz

Gold Aura Quartz increases self-worth and personal power by raising ones vibrations to empowerment and joy. It can bring abundance to ones life through positive thoughts and actions, and bring clarity and mental focus. Gold Aura Quartz allows one to be compassionate and open to receive and give love on all levels.


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