Amethyst, Chevron & Green Aventurine Tumbled Clay Necklace

Chevron Amethyst tumbled stone set in handcrafted clay with a small tumbled Green Aventurine above it. Pendant is on a leather cord with wood beads and adjustable clasp.


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Extremely powerful & protective stone. Guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love. Natural tranquilizer, blocks negative environmental energy. Strong healing & cleansing powers. Enhances spiritual awareness. Overcomes addictions & overindulgences. Calms or stimulates the mind as appropriate. Helps you feel less scattered, more focused & in control. Helps insomnia. Setting realistic goals. Balances highs & lows. In addition to the generic properties of Amethyst, a Chevron Amethyst is an excellent stone for journeying and inner-self evaluation. It brings you the strength and loving essence to continue with pursuits. Brilliant for cleansing the aura. Helps you retrace any negative energies attempting to penetrate your protective shield, providing information about the reasons and origin of the negativity. Stimulates understanding of a positive answer to any imaginable problem. Allows growth in accessing the ability of spiritual healing.


Aventurine is a positive stone of prosperity. Absorbs electromagnetic smog. Diffuses negative situations & turns them around. Reinforces leadership qualities & decisiveness. Promotes compassion & empathy, encourages perseverance. Soothes stammers. Stabilizes state of mind, stimulates perception, enhances creativity. Green Aventurine contains these properties as well as: is a comforter & heart healer, harmonizer, dissolves negative emotions & thoughts


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