Agatised Fossil Coral Tumbled A Grade 20-30g

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Stunning XX rare Agatized Fossil Coral / Coral Flower Agate tumbled stones. Most have distinct flower patterns. Weight approx 20-30g.

Agatized Fossil Coral formed when the skeletons of prehistoric marine lifeforms on the ocean floor became fossilized through hardened deposits left by silica-rich waters (this is called “silicified”) in a process that took around 20-30 million years! Agate, a variety of chalcedony (microcrystalline quartz) slowly replaces the existing mineral while retaining its original form, a process referred to as a “pseudomorph”. Most agatized fossil coral exhibits a dull to waxy luster and interesting skeletal-like ancient coral patterns, often appearing in flower shapes.

Interestingly, fossil coral deposits are used for the making of health and drug supplements because of their high calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium content. Agatized Fossil Coral is also the official state stone of Florida, USA. It is said that Native Americans in the Florida region traditionally utilized Agatized Fossil Coral to make tools and weapons.



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Physical Healing Keywords

Bone Disorders and Health, Lungs, Osteoporosis, Pancrease, Blood Circulation

Metaphysical Keywords

Addictions, Calming, Creativity and Creative Expression, Imagination, Cleansing

Agatized Fossil Coral

Agatized Fossil Coral contains the healing properties of Quartz, Agate and fossils. It is an emotional healer. Calms irritability. Assists in recovery from physical or mental trauma. Grounds while encourages healing and acceptance, opening you up to universal love. Can boost memory recall.


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Cancer, Pisces, Taurus


Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra

Colour Group

Brown & Earth Toned Colours

Other Names

Agatized Coral, Coral Flower Agate, Fossil Coral

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  1. Morne

    I am weary happy with this fossil

  2. Pumeza

  3. Zozaan Grobler

    This piece is beyond gorgeous!

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