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Moss Agate is actually not a true Agate, as it lacks Agate’s defining feature of banding. Moss Agate is in fact a Chalcedony, with mineral inclusions of variously Manganese, Chrome, and/or Iron. Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline form of silica, composed of fine intergrowths of Quartz (trigonal crystal system) and Moganite (monoclinic crystal system).

Moss Agate (or rather, Moss Chalcedony) formed from the weathering of strong volcanic rock, and the deep colours and patterns are due to different levels of oxidation of the crystals within. These green or brown inclusions (less commonly yellow, red or black) tend to form plant- or moss-like (“dendritic”) patterns within the chalcedony, earning its name. Similar to Tree Agate (Merlinite) in appearance, the main difference is that Tree Agate is solid white with moss patterns, while Moss Agate usually has a transparent background, so the “moss” appears in 3D.




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Physical Healing Keywords

Bacterial Infections, Viral Infections, Birthing, Blood, Circulation, Immune System, Crohn’s Disease, Dehydration, Digestive System, Focus, Lymphatic System, Memory, Skin

Metaphysical Keywords

Stability, Persistence, Grounding, Animal Communication, Devic & Nature Realm, Earth Healing, Abundance, Prosperity

Moss Agate

Opens the pathways to communicate with nature. Aligns our spiritual aspirations, thus releasing unwholesome thoughts and behaviours, to fulfil our desire to act according to our higher self / I AM identity. Agate encourages consciously choosing between true false friends. Promotes communication and understanding. Aids in release from addiction.

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Heart Chakra, Root Chakra

Colour Group

Green Crystals

Crystal System

Hexagonal – Trigonal, Monoclinic

Other Names

Dendritic Agate, Mocha Stone

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