Agate, Coral Flower Gallets RARE 40-60g

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Stunning XX rare Coral Flower Agate large gallets / palm stones individually hand polished. Amazing, fairly new material of beautiful fossil coral polyps in a red, pink to clear orange chalcedony! Brand new material of Agate with 3D white flower patterns penetrating into the clear Chalcedony. It is fossil coral preserved in a transparent host rock which results in a range of exceptional patterns and features. The chalcedony host ranges from milky clear to a light pink to apricot colour. Absolutely stunning. This is new material, pretty rare and most likely will come out the ground for a limited period. This is quite similar to Ocean Jasper and will be equally hard to get in the future. Weight approx 40-60g.



Very stable, grounding stone, bringing about emotional, physical and intellectual balance. Centering and stabilizing physical energy. Harmonize yin & yan. Soothing & calming. Works slowly but with great strength. Layers of Agate can bring hidden information to light. Acceptance of yourself, builds self confidence, aids self-analysis. Improves concentration, perception & analytical abilities. Encourages you to speak your truth. Overcomes negativity of the heart.


In ancient times, fossils were believed to be stony casts of seed decedents that grew on Earth from the realms of the stars. This gift from the stars was used to enhance telepathic communication between this present reality and the prior worlds. Heightens and supplements your accomplishments in the business realm and instils quality and excellence within your environment. Helps you to dispense with old programming and schedules, and to be open, receptive and perceptive of the fresh innovative forces available.

2 reviews for Agate, Coral Flower Gallets RARE 40-60g

  1. Lee

    Beautiful specimen! So much depth

  2. Vanessa Carpel

    Perfect size. Where I could I copied and pasted the description from the website and after they opened their gift I sent it to them on WhatsApp. A small print out as done with the emergency kit would add value

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