7 Archangels Incense Sticks Set

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7 Archangels – Invocation for every day of the week.

This boxed collection has 7 smaller packets of 5 incense sticks, which are each associated with an Archangel and a day of the week. The Archangels are Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Zadkiel. Each packet has its own unique scent associated with the Archangel it represents.

14 reviews for 7 Archangels Incense Sticks Set

  1. Vanessa Carpel

    More than expected in the box
    A small writeup on the different angels and the benefits would be super

  2. Kyle V.

  3. Sithembile M.

  4. Anonymous

    Good quality for price

  5. Nwabisa M.

  6. Heidie van Zyl

  7. Anja Smith

  8. Francois Engelbrecht

  9. Vicky G.

  10. Dane Bolleurs

  11. Darren

  12. Carissa

  13. Zura

    This is really value for money.

  14. Diana

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