10 Chakra Healing Crystal Kit

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The 10 chakra healing crystal kit contains 10 tumbled crystals in a convenient carry pouch, along with a downloadable and printable detailed 2 page reference chart of the chakras with their crystal correspondences, positions, keyword properties, in balance, blocked, and healing affirmations. This unique kit includes the major 7 chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown) as well as 3 lesser known chakras which are essential for proper grounding & activation of the light body chakra system (earth star, moon centre and soul star). Suitable for beginners and advanced alike.

10 Crystals
Carry pouch
Download & Print PDF Chakra info chart (link provided after purchase, images shown for reference only)

4 reviews for 10 Chakra Healing Crystal Kit

  1. Jess Abrahams

  2. Karien

  3. Alne

    The stones are gorgeous and I love the pouch they came with. Everything was very good quality

  4. Jeanette

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