Incense & Smudge

incense, a gum, spice, or other substance that is burned for the sweet fragrance it produces.
/sm Ćd í/verb
smudge, the act of burning aromatic herbs to cleanse energy, purify and/or invigorate a person, place or object.

Whether you’re looking for incense and smudge for yoga, meditation or ceremonial practice, or simply to enhance the vibe of your space, you will find the perfect fragrances to buy here.

Enjoy our wide range of hand rolled incense for sale, from every day scents to premium sacred temple blends for true incense connoisseurs.

Our quality, high vibration smudge range for sale is fully organic and sustainable.

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The Mystic Cat online shop is proud to be eco friendly and fully off grid

The Mystic Cat is a new age, esoteric, mind body soul online shop in South Africa. We are an online CRYSTAL SHOP first and foremost, with NATURAL ROUGH CRYSTALS, POLISHED STONES and a range of CRYSTAL PRODUCTS. Our other branches include incense & smudge for sale, BOOKS & CARD DECKS to buy, and beautiful CRYSTAL JEWELLERY. Our SACRED SPACE & ALTAR section offers spiritual lifestyle products as well as ENERGY WORK & SPELL SUPPLIES.

Online crystal shop

Browse our huge range of minerals and stones for sale ‚Äď polished crystals and natural rough specimens, from extra small tumbled stones to extra large display pieces.¬†

Our gems & minerals are GENUINE & REAL, sourced with ETHICAL AWARENESS and ECO-CONSCIOUSNESS.

New stock added every week!

Online new age bookshop

We have an excellent selection of both new and used books in the esoteric, new age, mind body soul genre for sale.

If you’re looking for energy healing, spell books, or info on shamanism or spirit guides, to name a few – we probably have a book for you!

We also have oracle card decks and tarot cards, and personalized tarot card book marks available to buy.

Online pagan supplies shop

For our witches, wizards, shamans and other magickal folks, we have a growing Sacred Space & Altar section. Colour candles, mojo bags, wands, and more for sale here.

Fast delivery

We deliver throughout South Africa with shipping starting at R65, or FREE if you spend R600 or more!

Check back with us often!

you never know what treasures you may find...

We upload new stock every week. Stay up to date by joining our Tribe, and receiving our newsletters!


We've Changed

The Mystic Cat is proud to announce that we have officially changed to MYSTIC CRYSTALS, part of The Mystic Collective.

Mystic Crystals