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Wooden Figure Cut Out

Wooden Figure Cut Out

Cut out of stylized human figure. For use in sympathetic magic, charm making, etc. Size approx 14cm. Choose male/female below.

When most people think of sympathetic magic, they think of a voodoo doll with needles sticking out of it (thanks Hollywood). However, sympathetic magic is a powerful tool for good fortune, healing and positive uses.

Here are some very basic examples:

  • You can use a charm doll to build confidence and work on self image (such as a ritual where you write positive affirmations on it, add self love crystals),
  • to heal (using green string, healing herbs etc),
  • to attract good fortune (using sigils, coins etc).

Never perform sympathetic magic on some-one without their express consent, even if it is for positive purpose. It’s not your place to interfere with their path unless they choose so.

You can perform sympathetic magic on yourself.

Remember to bind the doll’s energy to the receiver with a personal item (a traditional lock of hair works well).

See full description below for more info.

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Wooden Figure Cut Out