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Wicca Ritual Premium Incense Sticks

Satya Premium Wicca Ritual Incense Sticks. These premium masala hand rolled incense sticks burn for 30-40 minutes each and leave a beautiful aroma that lasts. As each stick is hand rolled in high quality oils and resins, they can vary slightly in thickness. Box contains 15g, which is approx 12 sticks.

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Satya Premium Wicca Ritual Incense Sticks.

Each stick is hand rolled in high-quality oils and resins. Because of this, they can vary slightly in thickness. You will receive a box of approx 12 sticks (15g). Each stick burns for approx 30-40 minutes and leaves a beautiful lasting aroma.



The Satya Wicca Ritual incense is a full natural real rose scent, combined with mysterious spicy and floral top notes. Perfect for burning on the altar, during prayer and ceremony, and while working with energy.


  • Buddhist temples, prayers, offerings, sacred space,
  • As a wonderful aid to personal meditation,
  • In ritual or spell work,
  • As part of a cleansing, or simply
  • To create a wonderful relaxed and pleasant ambience.



Satya Incense blends are handcrafted and hand-rolled in the Indian masala tradition. Using only ingredients of the highest purity and quality. Their blends feature a predominant aromatic element, supported by complementary notes that aid in its full expression.

Satya incense is proudly eco-friendly. Additionally, it is animal product free and non-toxic.

“Inhale and waft along with our scents as they help you create new visions, strengthen faith and devotion or simply leave you with a memory to cherish”

Wicca Ritual Incense sticks are eco friendly



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Wicca Ritual Premium Incense Sticks