Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone

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Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone. A lovely denim to navy blue material with characteristic gold Pyrite flecks as well as white Calcite mottling. From Afghanistan. Good to Very Good Grade. Choose your size below.

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Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone.

A lovely denim to navy blue material with characteristic gold Pyrite flecks as well as white to grey Calcite mottling. From Afghanistan. Good to Very Good Grade.



Lapis Lazuli is composed of several different minerals:

  • The main constituents include Lazurite, a silicate mineral in the Sodalite group. Blue Lazurite is what gives Lapis its distinctive colour. It must make up a minimum of 25% of the material to be classified Lapis.
  • Second, Calcite appears as white layers, veins or mottling, or finely intermixed with the Lazurite. This can produce a faded demin blue colour.
  • Lastly, Pyrite occus as small gold flecks in the material.
  • Other minerals that can be present include: Sodalite, Wollastonite, Afghanite, Mica, Dolomite and Diopside (among others).
Crystal Healing:

Physical Healing Keywords:

  • Nervous System, Depression, Dizziness;
  • Hair


Metaphysical Keywords:

Clarity, Goodwill, Integrity, Prosperity, Self-Esteem, Third Eye Chakra, Dream Work, Inner Peace, Spirit Guides, Psychic Protection, Wisdom


Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis Lazuli is known as a stone of truth and wisdom. Aiding in learning, intellectual work and boosting memory. Lapis stimulates enlightenment and enhances dream work. Said to quickly release stress and bring deep inner peace, promoting enormous serenity. Also, a protective stone that helps one make contact with guardians.

Lapis is believed to recognize and block psychic attacks, returning the energy to its source/sender. It aids in harmonizing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, bringing with it deep inner self-knowledge. Also said to teach the power of the spoken word.

Additional information

Other Names


Crystal System

Isometric / Cubic


Third Eye Chakra





73 reviews for Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone

  1. Denise Suttie

    Good value and a nice mix. I was looking for blue stones for a crystal grid, so these serve the purpose well.

  2. Lekae

    Good grade. Thanks a lot.✨

  3. Yvonne

  4. Juanita D.

  5. Jessica C.

    Love my Crystal

  6. Charone E.

  7. Juanita

  8. Amanda M.

  9. Juanita

  10. Marie-Louise

    So pretty.

  11. Sonwabo Ngcobelo

  12. Reshanee Devi SINGH


  13. Merle Malan

  14. Marie-Louise

  15. jenni Zwiegelaar

  16. Sue Muller

  17. Juanita

  18. Jothi A.

  19. CINZIA

  20. Kayleigh

  21. Kimera Zegrean

  22. Marco Malherbe

  23. Kyleigh Spencer

    Soooo effective to calm you and aid sleep! Also absolutely gorgeous, vibrant colours, perfect for my altar at home!

  24. Anonymous

    I was immediately attracted to this crystal because of the colours but also just something about this crystal drew me in that made me feel like I had to buy it!

  25. Stefani Clark

  26. Tiisetso

    My first sizeable lapis lazuli……. Am drawn to this stone always

  27. Esther Setshedi

    Lovely stone

  28. Lisa Jansen van Vuuren

    Very happy with product

  29. George Nel

    Definitely not ugly, but there was way more grey in mine than blue. I still love it.

  30. Tiisetso

    Love my blue ‘Wisdom’ stones…….. not sure how to use them because their energy can leave me a bit meh @ times

  31. Anonymous

  32. Bontle DUMA

  33. Aphelele Du Pisani

    Good for balancing the Throat Chakra, Lapis Lazuli reminds us of the power of the spoken word, fosters full verbal expression

  34. Jessey Graham

  35. Nicolene Coetzer

  36. Thea

  37. Kajal Ragunanan

  38. Bongiwe

    I have been using this for my throat chakra in retrograde and I must say, it’s working.

  39. Shiney Lee Du Plooy

  40. Kelly

  41. karen H.

  42. Elzane Meyer

  43. Anonymous

    Great service, great products


  45. Chantelle Muller

  46. Karusha H.

    The large size is a bright and vivid color. Well worth it!

  47. Stefani Clark

    Beautiful stones! Above expectation.

  48. Vivienne O’Carroll

  49. Qhubekani Nkala

    Mystic cat is always efficient and provides excellent service and quality goods. Always a pleasure doing business with them. And Shaz is always on hand to help!

  50. Lekae Combrinck

    Extremely beautiful stone! I am chuffed haha x

  51. Karen H.

  52. Kirstin V.

  53. Marina

    Small enough to carry in my handbag or put in my necklace.

  54. Abel Muller

  55. Lisa Brown

  56. Lehlohonolo Magooa

    Next order getting bigger sizes

  57. inge arends

  58. Lizette Du Preez

  59. Kyle Venter

  60. Johan Bester

  61. Anonymous

    So tiny but I love them!

  62. Tracyleen

  63. Monique Olivier

  64. Kimberley

  65. Karien van Wyk

  66. Maureen noko

  67. Babalwa Sikembula


  68. Karien

  69. Lee

  70. Jeanette

  71. Angel Zhou

    This was absolutely gorgeous

  72. Desire Blignaut

  73. catbob1098

    Absolutely gorgeous stone that is worth it’s price. Mine sized in about 3 cm.

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