Labradorite Polished Gallet SML

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Labradorite Polished Gallet Small. Beautiful individually selected and hand-polished. All pieces have a bit of flash, with good colour variations of blues, greens and gold, and sometimes purple. From Madagascar. Good to A Grade. Size Small. Choose your weight below.


Labradorite Polished Gallet SML.

Beautiful individually selected and hand-polished Labradorite gallets, also known as palm stones. All pieces have a bit of flash. With generally good colour variations of blues, greens and gold, and sometimes purple. From Madagascar. Good to A Grade. Size Small. Choose your weight.


Our SML (small size) gallets are divided into weight categories which vary in size and shape. You will receive one gallet from the weight category that you choose. If you would like to hand-pick your exact gallet, please have a look at our M-L (medium to large size) gallets.



Labradorite is a plagioclase feldspar. It’s famous for its colourful iridescent schiller, which occurs in colours ranging from blue, yellow, and pink to purple and sometimes red. The term for these spectacular displays of colour is ‘labradorescence’. And this effect is due to different twinning surfaces within the stone reflecting different colours of light.

Polishing Labradorite to uphold this chatoyancy is exceptionally difficult, with only a small amount of material yielding results.

Labradorite is named after the location it was first found, in Labrador, Canada. It occurs most commonly in mafic igneous rocks, such as basalt, gabbro and norite.



Physical Healing Keywords:

  • Digestive System, Increase Metabolism, Stomach, Intestines;
  • Nervous System, Brain, Addiction, Eyes, Seizures;
  • Respiratory System, Emphysema;
  • Skin, Psoriasis


Metaphysical Keywords:

Ascension Process, Aura Cleansing, Aura Protection, Clairvoyance, Higher Self, Cosmic Awareness, Dream Work, Meditation, Mediumship, Personal Empowerment, Transition, Psychic Attack, Telepathy, Third Eye Chakra, Co-Dependency, Self Confidence, Self Worth



Labradorite is a highly mystical & protective stone, a bringer of light. It can deflect unwanted energies from the aura & prevent energy leakage. Accesses spiritual purpose. Labradorite is said to stimulate intuition & psychic gifts, including the art of “right timing”.

It brings messages from the unconscious mind to the surface, then facilitating their understanding. Thus banishes fears & insecurities & debris from previous disappointments. Also strengthens faith in yourself & trust in the universe.

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Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio


Third Eye Chakra

Crystal System



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