Hematite Tumbled Stone

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Hematite Tumbled Stone. Also spelt as Haematite. Characteristic beautiful silver-grey metallic sheen and heavy feel. Excellent quality. A to AA Grade. Choose your size below.


Hematite Tumbled Stone.

This material is a characteristic beautiful silver-grey metallic sheen with a heavy feel. Perfectly polished with no intrusive inclusions. Excellent quality. A to AA Grade. Choose your weight.



Hematite is the oldest known Iron Oxide mineral ever formed. It occurs as reddish-brown masses, metallic silvery-grey scaled masses, silvery-grey to black crystals, and dark-grey masses, among other forms. Hematite is also spelt Haematite.

Its name comes from the Green word ‘haima’ which describes the rusty-red variety of Hematite. As a pigment, this red type of Hematite has been used for over 40,000 years! Additionally, Hematite is an abundant and important iron ore.



Physical Healing Keywords:

  • Circulatory System, Anaemia, Bleeding, Blood;
  • Immune System, Fever, Stress;
  • Skeletal, Fractures;
  • Endocrine System, Insomnia;
  • Muscular, Cramps


Metaphysical Keywords:

Grounding, Calming, Improve Memory, Mental Clarity, Protection, Shield, Cooling


Hematite / Haematite

Hematite is extremely grounding and protective. It can harmonise mind, body and spirit while dissolving negativity. Because it’s strongly yang, it helps address yin imbalances. Supports women by boosting self-esteem and survival instincts, while enhancing willpower, reliability & confidence.

Hematite is said to treat overeating, smoking, as well as all kinds of compulsions & addictions. Helps you come to terms with past mistakes. Additionally, Hematite is useful for studying and comprehending maths & technical subjects. Great for fevers and flushes, Hematite cools the body. Hematite can also assist in legal situations.

Additional information


Aquarius, Aries


Root Chakra

Colour Group

Black, Silver & Grey Colours

Crystal System

Hexagonal – Trigonal

Other Names

Haematite, Hematite



45 reviews for Hematite Tumbled Stone

  1. Douwene De Groot

    Gorgeous tumbles, got good vibes from this piece

  2. Natalie Forgus

  3. Juanita D.

  4. Rolando

    Exquisite 👌

  5. Liezl

    Good sized hematite!

  6. Liezl

  7. Avela

  8. Day

  9. Juanita

  10. Anonymous

  11. jenni Zwiegelaar

  12. Juanita

  13. Irenee Bekker

  14. Thea

  15. Madelein B.

    Received a beautiful big stone, definitely one of my favorites.

  16. Preshen Jagarnath

  17. Dieter

  18. Kayleigh

  19. Kyleigh Spencer

  20. Cayla Snyman

  21. Lisa Jansen van Vuuren

    Very pretty

  22. Tiisetso

    Wonderful and practical addition to my lil’ empath kit….. truly gr8ful that I’m protected now

  23. Sithembile Ndlovu

  24. Palesa

  25. Janine Tamblyn

  26. Thea

  27. Kajal Ragunanan

  28. Teresa B.

    Great item, exactly as advertised. Will buy again!

  29. Kelly


  31. Tiego Malibe

  32. Karusha H.

    Very happy with the larger size, which was bigger than I expected.

  33. Lizel

  34. Khanyisa M.

  35. Qhubekani Nkala

    Mystic cat is always efficient and provides excellent service and quality goods. Always a pleasure doing business with them. And Shaz is always on hand to help!

  36. Karen H.

  37. Marina

    Larger than I expected. lol

  38. Abel Muller

  39. Lizette Du Preez

  40. Nikayla

  41. Karusha H.

  42. Kimberley

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  44. Melani

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